A Taste of the Erotic

I still remember that first time; looking towards my husband furtively to see if he was watching but so as not to alert the man who was pushing his fingers into my knickers. I was so mixed up it was really hard to focus. I was in a club with a man, a black man, whom I’d been kissing for the past hour, pressing his fingers against my sex while my husband stood only a few paces away watching.
This was it! The evening we’d been planning for months, no years really, when our fantasies were fulfilled. All the talk about another man, all the whispered desires to make it real and the slowly growing idea that it actually might.
Then there were the websites we’d looked at and giggled over; the dumb, fake videos that we’d seen of so called wives with false breasts making over exaggerated groans shot in rooms lit like a Hollywood studio.
But then of course there were the others, women who were like me; real wives so to speak, recorded by husbands or lovers as they actually did it with someone outside their marriage. They were the ones that really got us thinking that real people actually did these things.
Of course the most bizarre element of all of this is the fact that in almost all cases it’s the woman who gets the pleasure from another man while their husband watches and tonight it would be no different.

Now Carl my husband wanted this very much and even as I looked across at him he has an excited expression on his face. For the past two years I’d craved the prospect of having sex with another man, the dressing up, flirting picking up and then the sex; uninhibited and wild.
We’d read stories together about wives having sex but I’d always liked the more extreme ones and finally once we’d read a few, the interracial ones had hit the spot.
The man’s large fingers had parted the folds of my shaved pussy (Carl had removed the stubble before we came out so I was smooth and lubricated with a little baby oil) then two of them slid easily inside making me gasp a little and shift in my seat. God I was so hot!
He petted me for maybe five minutes and it was enough to give me my first climax with another since I was married six years before. I whispered I should go then added that my husband wasn’t home so would he like to come back for coffee. He just laughed and pushed a third digit inside me then said ‘sure’.
He played with me in the taxi and again by my front door. I noted our car on the drive meaning Carl had beaten us home so was hiding in our walk-in wardrobe. I escorted the man to our bedroom then we went at it. He was very physical and I was very willing. We shed clothes then he jumped me and I felt his lovely big black cock slipping into me. This was doubly exciting, firstly because he was black and hung but secondly he wore nothing which would be sending my husband into apoplexy, it had been his first rule.
It was hard and very fast and I swear we both climaxed inside three minutes. Thankfully after a short rest I was able to blow him back to full glory and received a second fucking. This time he was in no hurry and we spent ages making love. I stopped him twice before I had a major orgasm as I wanted it to last and he also stopped once when he was about to blow.
It was forty minutes later that he finally gave me a huge orgasm and moments later dumped his cum into me for a second time. I made Carl wait as I cuddled the man and almost suggested he stay but in the end I could tell he was worried my husband would return home so I let him order a taxi.
After twenty minutes he left me and I went up to Carl who was on the bed with a look of lust and concern. I batted away his concerns over the bareback sex and I jumped him. Strangely I was expecting Carl to seem small and unsatisfactory but I was wrong. The sex was the best, even more intense than that with that evening’s lover. Somehow just the thought that he’d seen me being nasty got me turned on and the sex was simply great as Carl felt harder than ever before.
I then realised that what I really wanted was Carl. Yes the extramarital sex had been good but I loved this man and didn’t want to upset that.
That first time with my husband watching was probably the best. We did it again a month later which was almost as much fun. I then insisted we get Carl laid and we did although the first woman wasn’t as attractive as I’d wished for him (sounds cruel as she was ok but a little plump) but I guess that’s always been the conundrum with this game. Carl is good looking but has to work many times harder than I do to find a willing partner. I just flash some leg and the attention is there.
Anyway six evenings spread across three months, four different men, two women and we decided to stop. The final man was almost boring so what was the point? He wasn’t as good a lover as Carl and was a real pain to get rid of. Carl didn’t like either woman much even if the second was really cute.
Now three years on we have a baby and I’m really happy. I would urge all married couples to do this as it was great fun but also just as importantly you realise sex is just sex while love is for keeps.
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