A Shocking Experience

I am Ashwin (36) and my wife Malvika (33) and we are married for about 4 years now. Our origins are from north India though we have lived abroad most of our life. As with most families of such a background we stick to Indian traditions as much as possible. Our marriage was an arranged one and I must say that it has been a very happy and satisfying 4 years for both of us. I am a solicitor and my wife is into sales with a private firm. 

This incident happened to us on the New Years Eve when we had a get together at a friends place. A total of about 12 friends (5 couples and 2 single guys) took part in the party that day. The evening started very well with the usual scenarios of fun and frolic, needless to mention the booze. Though I am very conservative in normal circumstances, at times like these I do manage to bend my laws to a certain extent. I therefore did not mind (at least tried) some of the guys getting close to my wife especially because the sitting space was limited. You literally had to huddle close to the next person. 

As most people were constantly up and about you had to find a new seat when you wanted to sit. In fact on 2 occasions I ended up sitting next to 2 of the guys’ wives & felt odd and squeamish with one of them who was quite a fleshy girl. I did not mind (or should I say it felt good) her soft thighs constantly pressing against mine and her generous boobs hitting against me now and then. Amidst all this I constantly kept an eye on Malvika who seemed to be getting more than her fair share of attention by a couple of the guys. I could honestly say that my wife is very attractive and stands out prominently in any crowd. Not only is she beautiful and physically alluring, she is also a great person talk to. So you will understand my apprehension regarding the situation.

With the music and dance in full flow the room was made semi-dark. All of us started dancing although after sometime only 4 or 5 continued. My wife always enjoyed dancing and she was not going to stop soon for all I could speculate. She was wearing a traditional Indian dress called salwar kameez which was particularly figure hugging and my wife having a slightly generous physique only made things bad (for me!!!). Thank goodness we were all light headed and took things easy. Malvika’s assets were already showing clearly though her salwar and I feared for the worst when she starts sweating more and more. Her heaving ample breasts and her wide curvy buttocks were a feast to every eye in that room. As I feared soon she was drenched in sweat and the clothes were glued to her body. 

At one point I wondered if Malvika was wearing a bra that day because in the center of the 2 mountainous masses on her chest you could clearly see her pointed erect nipples. Also anyone watching her buttocks must get a clear view of her visible panty lining under her kameez. Amidst my painful thoughts I drove myself to frustration by thoughts of the erotic scene it offered to others. To complicate things someone made the lights brighter. How awful! But did Malvika think so? I was not sure because soon we were witness to a more erotic floor dance by Malvika and Anjali, one of the guys’ wife. I don’t know what anyone else was watching, but I was seeing something very shocking. 

As they were writhing around on the floor, both their buttocks constantly came into view. I was not bothered about Anjali but became very anxious looking at Malvika because she was profusely sweating all over. This is the worst bit- At one point Malvika was lying on her back and doing a 360-degree rotation on the floor. Halfway during this her legs and thighs opened up and what I saw next gives me a feeling of horror even today. Her crotch between the thighs was very visible to all and unless you were blind you couldn’t miss the damp shadow in the crotch of her kameez. Thank fully she got up straight away. Curiously, one of the guys went away to the loo soon after this…for what?…I am not sure (My wicked thoughts make me think that he had gone to relieve himself after all the erotic happenings).

Again I saw my wife holding hands and dancing with one of the guys. I really did not mind this. But after a while I noticed him standing behind Malvika, holding her hips and dancing. At this moment I could have sworn I saw a very obvious bulge in front of his pants (my wicked eyes again). Then I made a diplomatic decision to intervene and switched all the lights on saying its time for some food.

While food was being organized my wife and I went to our room, as she wanted to change her clothes. My wife must have thought I was irritating when I pointed to her clothes being very wet. To fuel her anger I also unavoidably told her, “Malviks your panties are also very wet and soggy”. Her response was “Ashwin your mind is sick, do you think my panties are wet because I am stimulated or something. Can’t you see I am sweating”?. She quickly changed into a t-shirt and jog pants and we went to join everyone for food.

As usual the girls were doing most of the serving whilst the rest of us were chatting and enjoying the food. I was watching Malvika closely again. My heart raced each time her breasts heaved when she was serving food for everyone. I don’t know if I am sick like she called me, but what I saw next really blew my brains out. As she leaned forward to serve one of the guests, she remained oblivious to the fact that she was sticking her bum very close to one of the guy’s face. And what more? Her white jog pants made things look more erotic and stimulating. All the dampness from her undies had spread to the jog pants and she had an area of wetness right from her arse-cleft running into the crotch towards the front. All the more as her panty was fully wet you could even see it’s purple colour and the design on it. My fear was that the guy close to her might get a whiff of odour from her because I know that Malvika usually has a strong smelling genital area. She gave him a good 15 to 20 second ‘bliss’ before she moved away. And you know what….. believe me or not..the guy excused himself to the loo and took a while to return. 

I was relieved and thankful when we finally got to bed. We were in no mood for love as we were pretty tired by then. But we did hug each other and squeezed together. Then as I ran my hands over my wife’s back I wasn’t sure if she had her panty on. When I asked her she said she had to remove them as they were very wet. Then we just drifted into sleep.

Sometime early in the morning I was woken up by some movments on the bed. As I sleepily turned towards Malvika I could clearly see her making some rhythmic movements. Obviously my sleep started fading fast and I observed her more closely. Then when I gently lifted the sheets I got my next shock. Malvika’s hands were between her legs and I didn’t have to be a genius to know that my wife was masturbating. To add to my awe I also saw that she was now wearing her panties again. Just when I was thinking if she was awake or asleep, she opened her eyes and said, “Ashwin, sorry about this, I just couldn’t help it”. Once earlier she had told me that she has never masturbated. Therefore this was most unusual and I was seeking an explanation. What she then described was one of the most stimulating happenings of a sexual nature that I ever encountered. 

And most awkwardly she wrapped both her thighs around one of mine with her wet cunt plastered to my skin and she described her story. This is what she told me, “Ashwin, I wanted to piss and went to the toilet. Only after going there I realized that before getting to bed I had actually removed my panty and unconsciously left it in the rails in the bathroom itself. So when I picked it up I was a bit shaken to see something dribble from it. Then when I opened the panty to look I saw thick gobs of fresh semen in the crotch area. Also the panty felt much much more wet and soggy than when I removed it. Immediately I got the message that someone had repeatedly masturbated into it. Then I really got very stimulated and excited Ashwin. I started oozing tons and tons of fluid between my legs and didn’t know what to do. I actually licked a bit of that fresh dripping semen from my panty. Then I was tempted to feel it against my crotch and decided to wear it. 

Then I came back to the bed only to realize that the itch between my legs was getting worse. Beyond my control I ended up rubbing myself and I’ve already had multiple orgasms. I am sorry Ashwin, but what else could I do. You know me don’t you.” Whilst describing her story Malvika was quite explicit because she had realized that I was also very aroused. Halfway through her story, I was rubbing my hard penis on to her thighs and in fact for the first time in my life I ejaculated just by listening to something. After this I went down on her and shamelessly licked her smelly crotch which smelt more of semen than her cunt. I cannot describe how stimulating it really was. I have also never known my wife so simulated because her labia and clitoris were so wet, they were just slipping out of my mouth’s grip. I lost a count of how many times we fucked before getting exhausted

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