A Pool Party Out Of Control

I never know what to expect when my wife’s friend Audrey comes to visit, except when she’s around there tends to be very little clothing and lots of sex. My curiosity was really piqued when my wife Karen informed me that Audrey and her new boyfriend, Tim, would be in town for the pool party we were having that weekend.

My mind raced at the possibilities. Audrey had never visited with a guy before so I had no idea if she and Karen would turn loose or not—especially since our local friends would be there. Some of our friends knew Karen and I liked a spicy lifestyle, but not all of them. 

Our backyard is a large and secluded area with an in-ground pool. It’s secluded enough that Karen sunbathes naked all the time. It also lends itself to having all kinds of fun. Karen said she had no idea if Audrey was going to spice up the party in her usual way but my dick stirred at the thought. 

With Audrey leading the way, there was no telling what could happen. Besides, Karen and I could just sit back and let things happen without the risk of offending our friends if things got out of control.

Audrey and Tim arrived Saturday morning and he seemed like a nice enough guy. He and I ran errands and we got the place ready for the party, then Karen suggested we all take a nap after lunch. 

Five couples and a dozen single guys were in attendance that afternoon and naturally everyone immediately changed into a swimsuit. Two of the wives were in conservative one piece suits, but the others were in bikinis. When Karen and Audrey peeled off their covers they put the other women to shame. 

I doubt that anyone was surprised to see Karen in a rather skimpy bikini, especially the top which showed off plenty of cleavage and sideboob. She’s long been an exhibitionist and loves to see guy’s reactions to her. Not only was her bikini top a bit small for her ample chest, she had removed the liner. When it got wet it clung to her like a wet t-shirt with her nipples poking through.

Audrey’s bikini left even less to the imagination, the top was just a few inches of fabric. They both got plenty of attention from the guys.

After about an hour, when everyone had a drink or two into their system, Tim went over to Audrey and whispered something in her ear. She looked shocked and shook her head “no.” I wasn’t sure if this was just an act or not.

Nevertheless, Tim got everyone’s attention and announced that a month ago he and Audrey had made a bet that the loser had to do anything the winner wanted for 24 hours.

“I wasn’t sure when I should claim as my prize but with Audrey showing off her goodies like this it gave me an idea,” Tim said. “For now, I have just one simple demand. Audrey?”

Tim reached out his hand but Audrey hesitated. He insisted “a bet is a bet” and pointed out her top wasn’t covering much anyway. Audrey still hesitated and shook her head, maybe for effect, but 

Tim was not backing down. Her faced blushed as she undid her top and handed it to him.

A few of the guys whistled as Audrey’s tits were set free. She has a really nice rack, similar to Karen’s, and I was sure all the other guys were immediately as turned on as I was. Tim insisted Audrey fetch a round of beers for everyone so she did as instructed and went to each person, asking if they’d like a beer. 

All eyes were on Audrey as she did this, her tits and barely-covered ass jiggling with each step. It seemed to me she was doing her best to give everyone a show. As my eyes followed her around the pool I could feel my own excitement start to stretch out my swimsuit, so I quickly jumped into the pool to get things under control. Other guys soon joined me but it was hard for anyone to keep their eyes off of Audrey.

I overheard Mary ask Karen if she was going to “allow this” to continue but Karen just shrugged and said “Audrey is the one who made the bet and they’re her tits, don’t look at me.”

“Don’t you think it’s disgusting to let your boyfriend showing you off like this?” Mary asked Audrey when she approached with a beer.

“You think my tits are disgusting?” Audrey asked, grabbing her boobs and giving them a shake. “Look I can’t say I’m happy about this. Usually we pay up in the bedroom, but the bet was anything he wants.”

Karen offered to put sunblock on Audrey’s back and there were many eyes glued to them, especially when Audrey turned around and had Karen cover her tits as well. Karen took her time with this, rubbing the sunblock into every inch of Audrey’s chest. Audrey then tugged on Karen’s bikini top.

“Don’t you usually lay out naked?” Audrey asked.

“Yeah, but not when there’s company around,” Karen said.

“You should try it, it’s liberating,” Audrey said, grabbing her boobs. “No tan lines. Besides, you can practically see your nipples through that top.”

It was true Karen’s bikini didn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination. She’d been in the pool and her nipples, poking through her top, were noticeable to anyone. Karen thought this over before calling over to me and asking if she should go topless.

“It’s your chest honey, do what you like,” I replied. “We’ve all seen boobs before.”

Karen looked at the group and asked if anyone minded. She got no reply, other than a few of the guys looking at her chest with their mouths hanging open, practically drooling. Karen shrugged and said “ok, why not?” and removed he bikini top.

There were more whistles from the guys, most of whom were still in the pool to keep things hidden and under control. That wasn’t easy as now it was Audrey’s turn to give Karen the sunblock treatment. Even the wives were watching with interest although Mary seemed a bit shocked, especially when she looked over at her husband and noticed his gaze was glued to Karen’s chest.

Karen and Audrey stretched out on chairs, their tits pointing up at the sky. They were sitting by the beer coolers and it was obvious how every guy and even some of the other women were checking them out each time they got a beer. I noticed people were each getting their own beer, rather than asking someone else to fetch them one. No doubt each of them wanted to get a good look.

The alcohol was flowing freely now. I noticed Michelle talking quietly to her husband John. Whatever they were talking about he was encouraging her. Michelle pulled up a chair next to Karen and Audrey and asked if she could join them. 

Michelle was gorgeous with really large breasts that even her conservative bikini top struggled to contain. When she removed her top one of the guys in the pool let out a moan, which made her smile. I was certain she’d never done anything like this before.

Karen and Audrey insisted on giving Michelle the sunblock treatment and paid special attention to her breasts. I didn’t even try to hide my interest and stood closely by, fully aware that it was starting to pitch a tent in my swimsuit. When the three of them sat down I immediately dove into the pool.

It wasn’t long before Emily and Carrie shed their tops. That left Mary and Deb in their one-piece suits, both of them suddenly looking out of place. Even though Mary wasn’t having fun, her husband certainly was as his interest in the five topless ladies was as obvious as anyone’s. I felt sorry for him as Mary dragged him from the party soon after. Deb and her boyfriend left as well and he was equally disappointed.

We were all pretty well buzzed and Tim declared that since the “no fun” people had left it was time for Audrey to continue covering her bet. The sun’s rays had weakened and Tim decided that Audrey no longer needed either her sunblock or her bikini bottoms. He asked Karen to fetch some soap and shampoo, then invited everyone to gather around our outside shower.

Audrey didn’t even try to protest. She slid off her bikini bottoms, revealing her tightly trimmed pussy, and got under the shower. My dick started to grow again and Audrey was clearly enjoying our attention as she washed off her hair, then lathered up her tits and rinsed and washed them repeatedly. Everyone applauded when she stepped out of the shower. 

Then Karen stepped up and said she also wanted to wash the sunblock from her body. She offered to let everyone watch, but only if the other wives did the same. Everyone was pretty buzzed and it was obvious the other wives had enjoyed the attention they’d received. With encouragement from their husbands and everyone else, both Emily and Carrie areed to take a shower for us but insisted there would be nothing more than that.

Karen went first, removing her bikini bottom and lathering up her hair and body. She made sure everyone got a good look as she repeatedly washed off her chest, turning each time so that everyone got a look.

Emily and Carrie weren’t as daring as Karen was and they kept their bikini bottoms on but they did give us a good show by washing off their chests and backsides, with their husbands lending a hand.

Tim asked Audrey if she was ready to continue paying off her bet. She reluctantly nodded but I was sure she was secretly thrilled, if a little nervous. Tim led her by the hand to our lawn where he set down some towels. Everyone followed and Tim declared that it was time for Audrey to thank their hosts in a very “special” way. Audrey shook her head but Tim was insistent.

“The bet was anything I want, and what I want is you on your knees with your mouth full,” Tim declared firmly.

When Audrey resisted, Tim ordered her to get on all fours. He spanked her bare ass firmly with his hand, then asked again if she was ready to comply. Audrey nodded her head, then crawled over to me and started nuzzling my dick through my swimsuit.

“Ask him,” Tim declared. 

“Uh, Mark, is it ok if I suck your cock?” Audrey asked. There were a few gasps and whistles from the group.

“Beg for it,” Tim insisted, before I could say anything.

“Mark, could I please suck your cock?” Audrey said.

“Say like you mean it,” Tim insisted. 

Audrey hesitated for a moment, but Tim stepped forward and smacked her on the ass. 

“Mark, could I please suck your cock? I’m dying to give you head,” Audrey said as she kissed my dick through my suit. “I want to feel your nice, hard cock sliding into my mouth. I want to take you deep into my throat. I want to swallow your entire load. Please Mark? Please can I suck your cock? My mouth is soooo hungry.”

I certainly didn’t need any more encouragement than that. I untied my swimsuit, Audrey tugged it down and slid my already hard dick into her mouth. There were more gasps and whistles from the crowd. No doubt some of these people were shocked but I was so horny I didn’t care. 

Audrey and I had fooled around in the past, so I knew how good she was at giving head. She swirled her tongue around my cockhead before taking my full length into her throat, then slid her lips and tongue up and down the sides of my shaft and throated me again. It wasn’t long before I came and she swallowed my load and kept on sucking, milking me dry.

People applauded and I dropped to the ground. Tim said it was now Karen’s turn. More than a few mouths hung open and everyone looked at Karen, who was standing there topless with a towel around her waist. Audrey grabbed Karen by the hand, yanked the towel away, pulled her close and kissed Karen between the legs. Karen gasped but didn’t move.

“Please Karen, let me please you,” Audrey said as she kissed Karen right above her pussy lips. “Tim will punish me if I don’t.”

Karen bit her upper lip and sighed. Audrey ran a finger between Karen’s legs.

“Please let me go down you,” Audrey begged as she buried her face between Karen’s legs. “Ooooh, I like the way you taste.”

Karen spread her legs a bit and grabbed the back of Audrey’s head, pulling her in close. Karen started grinding herself against Audrey’s mouth and moaning. Her breathing increased. Audrey tugged on Karen’s hand and Karen gave in, dropping to the ground and spreading her legs. 

Audrey dove in, giving Karen a major tongue lashing. I heard heavy breathing around me and looked at the group. A few wives had a hand between their own legs and a hand in their husband’s swimsuit. Some of the single guys had a hand in their own suits as well.

Tim removed his own suit and got behind Audrey to fuck her from behind while she went down on Karen. Tim was bucking wildly. Audrey’s magnificent breasts hung down and swayed with each of his thrusts. Karen came loudly, wrapping her legs tightly around Audrey’s head. Tim soon came after that.

The three of them sat there catching their breath for a moment.

“Audrey, do you know how many of these men you’re going to have sex with tonight?” Tim asked.

Audrey she shook her head.

“As many as they want,” Tim declared. 

Audrey shook her head and started to say no. It seemed she wasn’t expecting a gangbang.

“A bet is a bet and tonight you give me everything I want, you must follow my command,” Tim demanded. “You agreed to that remember?”

Audrey nodded her head. Alex, one of the single guys, stepped out of his swimsuit to expose his raging hardon.

“What are you waiting for?” Tim said. 

Alex stepped forward. Audrey took his dick into her mouth a couple of times before pulling him to the ground. Roger, another single guy, took off his suit. Audrey got on all fours and Alex took her from behind while Roger slid his dick into her mouth.

I looked around and saw this wasn’t the only activity going on. John and his wife Michelle had spread a towel onto the lawn and shed their suits. She was on her back and he was going down on her. A couple of the single guys were watching them. I moved in for a closer look. 

John pulled Michelle onto her knees so he could fuck her doggystyle. I moved around to get a good look at her enormous breasts from every angle possible. I then crawled underneath her for a better view of her magnificent chest. She lowered her tits to my mouth and I hungrily sucked on them, which made her moan even louder. Someone tried to get in front of Michelle, obviously hoping for a blowjob, but she turned him away. 

“Keep sucking my tits,” Michelle pleaded.

I certainly didn’t have to be asked twice. I alternated between a hand on one breast and my mouth on the other. I was surprised when Michelle reached out and started stroking my dick, which made me suck on her breasts even harder and she moaned loudly. She and John both came and collapsed onto the towel, panting.

Looking around I noticed another couple, Jack and Carrie, going at it missionary style. Pete was fucking his wife Emily from behind and she had another guy’s dick in her mouth. Karen and Audrey were each on all fours with a guy at each end, moaning loudly. 

I returned my attention to Michelle and started playing with her breasts. She offered no resistance and obviously liked having her tits sucked on as much as I enjoyed sucking on them. 

“Do you share John?” I asked as I took one of his wife’s nipples into my mouth. “Everyone else is sharing. Just look at my wife.”

He couldn’t deny this but John was still apprehensive. Michelle reached out and started playing with my dick.

“Since you like my breasts so much, I’ll let you slide something between them,” Michelle said. 

We both looked at John. He thought it over for a few seconds, looked at all the sex around him, and nodded. Michelle squeezed her breasts together.

“How about it, Mark? You want to tit fuck me?” Michelle asked.

I straddled her body and slid my dick between her breasts. It practically disappeared until I saw my cockhead rise between her cleavage. I looked around to see if anyone else was watching. Jack and Carrie had finished and moved closer for a better view. 

One of the single guys tried to engage Carrie in some action but she just shook her head and stayed with her husband. Undeterred but still horny he knelt in front of Karen and slid his dick into her mouth as another guy fucked from behind.

I returned my attention to Michelle’s enormous tits and my dick sliding between them. John had moved closer and seemed entranced as he watched us. It was obvious I was reaching the end. Michelle looked at John, who said “swallow him.” His words were right on time. 

Michelle lifted her head and took me into her mouth as I came. She swallowed my load and pumped my dick with her hand as my body convulsed again. She kept pumping my dick with her hand and swallowed load after load until I was completely spent.

I collapsed onto the grass beside John and Michelle. I looked up and saw my wife Karen in a threesome with two guys, all of them screaming with pleasure. Audrey was sucking on a guy’s dick to revive him.

“I can’t believe what just happened, are you mad?” Emily asked her husband quietly. He kissed her on the cheek and shook his head “no.” She rested her head on his shoulder and he hugged her. It was obvious she wasn’t expecting this kind of party.

All eyes turned to Karen and her two partners as they all had a thundering climax, then collapsed in a heap. Audrey had revived her new partner and then rode his dick cowgirl style. 

After they finished I realized it was nearly dinner time so I fired up the grill and then went back to the lawn to catch my breath for a bit. Karen informed people that we had plenty of food and everyone should stay for dinner. Of course, we had planned for this but she didn’t want anyone to suddenly leave.

Some people went for a swim to clean themselves off and everyone got dressed. As I worked the grill John approached me and handed me a beer.

“You know, Michelle and I weren’t expecting an orgy tonight,” John said.

“Neither were we,” I said with a shrug. “Sometimes people just need to scratch an itch, I guess.”

John said he and Michelle had never done anything like this before and he’d certainly never seen her swallow another man’s load. I told him they had nothing to be embarrassed about, that his wife was gorgeous and he should be proud of her. 

“Are you proud of Karen?” he asked.

“Well I’m not embarrassed,” I said. “If you’re going to have this kind of experience it might as well be among friends.” 

There wasn’t much conversation during dinner. Only Tim, Karen and Audrey were the only ones who didn’t seem the slightest bit embarrassed or uncomfortable. I rose to make a toast.

“To the five lovely ladies, their gorgeous bodies and their willingness to please our carnal desires,” I said as the guys chimed in with agreement. “I trust that no one will breathe a word about this party to anyone as we’re all friends here?” I said as the other guys nodded. “Good, then to the five most magnificent ladies I’ve ever laid eyes upon.”

Everyone drank to the toast and it seemed to put everyone at ease. After dinner the guys helped me clear the table. Tim, Audrey and Karen disappeared downstairs.

When Karen reappeared she said we’d be having dessert in the basement. We entered the rec room to find Audrey naked atop an Ottoman. Tim was at her side with a bowl of chocolate mousse.

“As you know, Audrey is still paying off her bet with me tonight, which means she’s still my little slave,” Tim said as he smeared some mousse on her breasts and between her legs. “I’ve told Audrey that every one of you is going to have a taste of her, if you haven’t already. By the way, she likes the taste of chocolate mousse herself, if you know what I mean.”

No one wanted to go first and I suspected some of the wives didn’t want to go at all. I was surprised when Michelle stepped forward and proceeded to lick some mousse from Audrey’s tits. Her husband John went next. 

“I insist she’s going to serve all of you tonight, otherwise she’s going to be punished,” Tim said.

I stepped in, licked some mousse from Audrey’s tits and then went between her legs. She let out a bit of a sigh. Karen went next and licked all three spots, as did Emily to my surprise. Everyone else followed suit, except for Carrie and Jack who were apprehensive. 

Audrey stood up and approached them, begging them to lick some mousse from her body. When they refused, Tim had Audrey bend over the pool table and he grabbed a ping pong paddle from the cabinet. 

“Her orders were that everyone is to have a taste of her body,” Tim said. “She’s failed to do so and she’s going to be punished.”

Tim proceeded to swat Audrey, giving her a thorough spanking in front of all of us. Carrie told him to stop, as she was clearly uncomfortable with this, but Tim said there was only one way he would stop.

Carrie reluctantly agreed and Audrey stretched out on the Ottoman. Tim smeared some mousse on Audrey’s tits and between her legs. Carrie had no problem licking Audrey’s breasts clean, but was reluctant to go between her legs. She relented when Tim insisted. Jack when next and he had no problem feasting upon Audrey’s breasts or licking her pussy, which she obviously enjoyed.

Tim said it was now time for Audrey to reciprocate.

“You can place the mousse nearly anywhere you like, but it must be erotic and Audrey is going to lick you all clean,” Tim said. “Isn’t that right, honey?”

Audrey nodded her head obediently.

I nearly jumped out of my clothes, smeared some of the mousse on my dick and walked over to Audrey where she sat on the Ottoman. She took me into her mouth and proceeded to lick me clean as my dick grew hard. 

Karen went next, smearing the mousse on her tits and between her legs. She bit her lip as Audrey licked her pussy. A couple of the guys went next and Audrey sucked them clean. I was surprised to see Michelle step forward, remove her shirt and bra, then reach for her skirt before hesitating.

“Go ahead Michelle, you know you want to,” Tim said. “Audrey, wouldn’t you like to taste this woman’s pussy?”

“Yes master,” Audrey said. “I’ll lick anything you like, I’m not welching on a bet.”

With encouragement from the group Michelle removed the rest of her clothes, spread mousse on her breasts and pussy and let Audrey lick them clean. Michelle gasped as Audrey buried her face between Michelle’s legs, it was probably the first time another woman had been down there. Audrey inserted a finger into Michelle’s pussy which made her let out a moan. When Audrey finally stopped Michelle looked like she had forgotten where she was.

John was next in line and he had no problem letting Audrey suck on his dick. We were nearing the end of the group when Jack couldn’t hold out any more. To the surprise of his wife he stripped and smeared plenty of mousse on his dick for Audrey to lick clean. 

Carrie went last, putting a bit of mousse on her nipples. Audrey licked them clean, then buried her face between Carrie’s legs. Mousse or no mousse, Audrey was going to lick that pussy. She grabbed Carrie by her incredibly tight ass and pulled her in close. Carrie wriggled but couldn’t break free, although it didn’t seem like she was trying very hard to get away. She soon quit struggling and it was clear her breathing had changed. She started to moan. 

Audrey pushed Carrie to the floor and proceeded to eat her out with a frenzy, sticking a finger into Carrie’s pussy while she licked her outer lips. Carrie started to writhe and moan. Moments later she wrapped her legs tightly around Audrey’s head.

Carrie’s husband Jack looked shocked but also turned on, as evidenced by the raging hardon between his legs. Jack got down on the floor and tried to offer his dick to Carrie, but she was enjoying herself too much. Tim told Jack to take Audrey from behind, which he did.

Carrie had a screaming orgasm like I’d never heard before and both Audrey and Jack came next. We all applauded and Carrie sat up, suddenly aware of what had just happened. Audrey leaned forward.

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about honey,” Audrey said. “You’ve got an amazing body and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of fun among friends.”

“Tonight’s not over everyone,” Tim declared. “Who else wants a turn with Audrey?”

A couple of the single guys stepped forward, but Tim stopped them.

“Ladies first guys,” Tim declared as he reached out for Emily. “Don’t you want to know what it’s like to be pleased by another woman? In ways you’ve never dreamed of?”

Emily, with strong encouragement from her husband and the rest of us, grabbed some of the mousse, spread it on her breasts and pussy, then lay on the floor. We all watched as Audrey feasted upon Emily’s breasts, then went down on her. Audrey soon got into a 69 and a rather surprised Emily reciprocated by licking Audrey’s pussy at the same time.

None of us could take any more of this. Karen dropped to her knees and started sucking on John’s dick, which left his wife Michelle open and available. I kissed Michelle passionately while reaching my hand between her legs. We both got on the floor and I sucked on her breasts while she played with my dick. 

I went down on Michelle for a while before I started fucking her missionary style, but we soon rolled over so she could be on top. As she rode my cock, Michelle leaned forward so I could suck on her enormous breasts. 

She then straightened her legs and moved her body parallel to mine so she could grind away on my dick while I continued sucking on her breasts. After we both came, I stayed inside Michelle while she remained on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her and she rested her head on my chest.

After we caught our breath Michelle and I sat up. All around as people were going at it. Karen and Audrey were both on all fours with a guy at each end. Carrie was sucking on her Jack’s dick, trying to revive him. Emily was bouncing up and down on Tim’s dick and sliding two other guy’s dicks in and out of her mouth, alternating between the two of them.

Two other guys approached Michelle but she was apprehensive.

“Go ahead, you know you want to,” I said. “Just look at your husband.”

John was kneeling in front of Audrey so she could revive his dick. That gave Michelle all the license she needed. She got on her knees and tasted both guy’s dicks before getting on all fours. I sat back and watched as one guy fucked her doggystyle while the other slid his dick into her mouth. 

Michelle had been really apprehensive just a few hours earlier, now she was acting like a slut and getting fucked silly. The same with Carrie, who was now getting fucked from behind by her husband while another guy slid his limp dick in her mouth so she could revive him. When her husband came, the guy in Carrie’s mouth was now hard again so he took her from behind as well.

I moved over so she could revive me too and she didn’t even hesitate when I offered her my dick. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to have another go with someone, but with all the activity going on around me and Carrie sucking on my dick I could feel the blood start to flow. 

Looking over at my wife I saw the guy fucking her suddenly came, shooting his load deep inside. The guy in her mouth came next and she swallowed it all down. John was fucking Audrey from behind as she sucked on another guy’s dick. 

Michelle’s enormous breasts were hanging down and swaying with each thrust of the guy behind her while the guy in front slid his dick in and out of her mouth. 

Carrie’s moans brought my attention back to her as the vibrations felt incredible against my dick. Not only was I getting hard again, I knew I could last a while this time and really enjoy her talents. Carrie and the guy fucking her started to come at the same time. She pulled her mouth from my dick, holding it in her hand as she screamed with pleasure as the guy behind her continued to fuck her silly.

I noticed Emily had finished with her foursome so I pulled her onto the couch. She slid my dick into her mouth to get me good and hard before she wrapped her legs around my waist and I slid myself inside. She was really wet and slippery, which made me wonder how many guys she’d been with that night. 

Looking around the room, Michelle and her two partners were all screaming with pleasure. Carrie was sucking on Tim’s dick, Karen was swallowing some guy’s load while another guy was tit-fucking Audrey. Emily and I relocated to a chair with me on the bottom and her riding my dick. I grabbed her ass tightly as she ground her pussy against me. After we both came, Emily rested her head on my shoulder while I wrapped my arms around her. We were all spent.

After we all rested and caught our breath most of the guests got dressed and left. Michelle and John, Carrie and Jack were too tired to go anywhere so they spent the night. 

We all slept late the next day and I felt like I could barely walk. The apprehensive foursome were all really embarrassed and wanted to leave right away, but Karen insisted they stay for breakfast.

“Look, none of you have anything to be embarrassed about,” Audrey said. “I was the one walking around topless all afternoon, going down on everyone, but I’m not ashamed. I made a bet and I kept it. There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun and besides, if you’re going to fool around it might as well be with people you can trust.”

That seemed to put everyone’s minds at ease. After they left I asked Audrey what she and Tim had bet on.

“Nothing,” Audrey said with a smile. “I told Tim he could be in charge for the day and I know he likes to push the envelope. The bet was just an excuse to get things started.”

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