A Night to Remember

WE LIVE IN BOMBAY, INDIA. We’ve been married for about fifteen years now. My wife is a knockout; at least I think so. She’s dusky with really lovely, fine, regular features — a slender nose, superb cheekbones and an exquisitely sculpted line to her chin and jaw. Her eyes are dark and large and she lines them with eye-black. Her mouth is really sexy with a full lower lip and the upper one bowed over it, and her teeth are very white and even. Her hair is dark and thick, down to the small of her back. She has a lovely long, graceful neck which leads to a pair of truly gorgeous breasts: sloping and high and full, tipped with long nipples that harden very, very readily, and set in really sex aureoles. I love the way they pucker and her breasts get swollen and heavy when she’s aroused. Her waist is small and her belly is nice and firm and flat — no love-handles, no sagging pouches, just the slightest, but firm, curve. Overall, she’s a near-perfect 38-26-34. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky!

Madhu is hopelessly and delightfully addicted to sex. She’s not a nympho or anything, but nothing gives her as much pleasure as good, hard, demanding fucking. I won’t go into the full story of how we started on the cuckold-scene except to say that we’ve been doing it, with great satisfaction, for nearly ten years now and it was entirely mutual: I shared with her my desire to see her being fucked, and fucked hard, by another man, a bull of a man and, at once, Madhu accepted. Her excitement was evident and I was filled with a mixture of joy and arousal and a terrible dread.

Anyway, it started and that first incident was sado-masochistically mesmerising and utterly irresistible. Our chosen bull was a hired gigolo. We’d decided it would be best to start with someone skilled and also relatively anonymous. The man was very, very good. Good looking, well-built, exceedingly well-hung and something of an artist when it came to sex. Nothing rushed about his technique and his stamina was truly awesome. He took his time and it was more in the nature of a seduction. They were together for a long time that evening. And I watched with a pounding in my head and heart, my eyes burning, my ears echoing with her cries of lust and passion as he fucked her again and again and again like I have never been able to do. She loved every minute of it, panting and moaning and writhing ecstatically with him, letting herself be taken repeatedly and her love calls were obscene and erotic. I can still remember the sight of her on her forearms and knees on the living room carpet, rocking back and forth, her swollen breasts swinging and jiggling, her face turned up and over a shoulder and radiant with passion while he took her from behind straddling her hips. I watched his big cock grinding in and out of her cunt and saw how he fucked her first for her pleasure and then for his. He topped it off by fucking her mouth and creaming in her face. It was the first time I’d seen her do that — with me, she’d always refused, but this time she seemed unable to say no to anything, she acted like a wanton sex slave. I moaned as I watched his cum spurt into her open mouth and splash on her face and breasts and saw her smiling lasciviously as he finished.

It took us two days to recover and then, when I was fucking her, I kept thinking of the guy and I knew she was, too. It added to our pleasure, each knowing the other knew but not saying. Our orgasms were terrific. That night I asked if she’d like to do it again and she said yes, of course, as often as possible. And that’s how it began.

Now in India social norms are very different from what they are in Europe and America. It’s a far less egalitarian society and most (practically all) households have live-in full-time servants and domestic staff. The wages aren’t high so this isn’t as impressive as it sounds. Besides, one needs the staff because the other basic infrastructure really isn’t that optimised for people to manage on their own. Anyway, the servants (men and women) are always economically less well off than their employers and significantly so. Most of them don’t even have a basic education. They often come from villages seeking work in the cities and take jobs in houses and as errand boys in offices or chauffeurs and such. Indian society has always regarded them (unfortunately in my view) as ‘socially’ less privileged (no one uses the word inferior any more, but that’s what they mean). Contact with servants is required, by social mores, to be distant and aloof. No familiarity. They do not dine at table, for example. Nowadays things are changing and the new generation of servants is better dressed and considerably more modernised. The women, for example, now use make up, simple though it is and only on special occasions, more often and dress better.

The point is that any kind of overtly familiar relations with servants are very much still a scandal. Forget about sex with them. That’s completely out. So imagine the thrill when our next bull was one of our house servants, a sturdily built young man in his early twenties, lean and hard-bodied, and rough in his manner. We arranged it between ourselves without telling him. The rest of the staff was given the day off. He stayed. And then Madhu went about seducing him and in no time at all they were fucking in the bedroom while I watched, hidden, my pulse racing and with a huge hard-on. The guy was terribly excited at the chance of being able to fuck his mistress and it showed. She had to control the pace to prolong it. He fucked her hard and called her all kinds of names (whore and slut and so on) and took her two or three times in different positions but this time, unlike with the gigolo, she was in control. I can still see her riding his cock, squatting over his lap, her face flung back, her mouth open, gasping and calling out loudly, her buttocks bouncing off his thighs, her cunt sliding up and down on the long thickness of his dark cock. He kept watching her, transfixed, and squeezing her big breasts. 

After that, there was no turning back and we went on steadily. Madhu took more servants, other gigolos and then we moved on to acquaintances and then close friends.


THREE OR FOUR YEARS after we entered the scene, for the first time, Madhu had two bulls together. That was her idea, entirely. She claimed that the only thing better than one bull was two. I was thrilled. The very thought was erotic. It was one of my most ardent fantasies and I couldn’t believe that she had suggested it. I knew this was another beginning, in a way. Soon, I hoped, I’d be able to take her to living out my next level of fantasies — full fledged orgies with several guys fucking her, having her to a live sex show for a select audience and even whoring herself to complete strangers. I’ll tell you later how much of that we’ve been able to get to; actually, it’s quite a lot of it.

Anyway, this was then a special occasion for us and we arranged it carefully. Two years earlier, I’d bought a lovely beach property about two hours drive south and had the existing house completely redone. Madhu worked on it, with an unerring touch and gave it a truly wonderful, warm feel. I’d put in a pool, too. It has two floors, with three bedrooms on the floor above with a wide terrace or balcony that runs along the front so that each room opens out onto the upper deck. The floor below is at garden level. I have a study that looks out on the garden and pool and the sea beyond. The living room actually opens out fully so that it almost feels as if the garden has climbed the patio and come right in. There’s a little dining alcove on one side with a table that can seat 8 comfortably, another breakfast nook on the patio, a large, airy kitchen with a big pantry and larder. The two car garage is just beyond. We’ve entertained here often and I have vivid memories of the innumerable times I’ve watched my wife with other men here — in the house, in the garden, in the pool, on the white sands with the sea curving around their writhing bodies.

Madhu chose her lovers for the evening. Some distance from the house there is a small village. The young men come out in the mornings and evenings and, living so close to the sea, many are adept swimmers. Ever since we got the place and started work on it, Madhu had been eyeing the young men hungrily. One or two of them are exceptionally sexy. The best of them all is a tall, superbly built youth in his mid-twenties. 

Raju is dark and very good-looking. His body is truly stunning, sculpted like a classical statue. He’s tall and has the broad shoulders, wide chest and high, narrow hips of a strong swimmer, and a swimmer’s long, smooth, sinewy muscles. His belly is rock-hard and cobbled with a prominent six-pack. About a year earlier, we called him over to the house ostensibly to help with harvesting the fruit of several coconut trees that grow in our orchard. He agreed and I could see Madhu’s mounting excitement as she watched him climb the tree effortlessly using just his bare feet and the palms of his hands, his muscles rippling like snakes under his taut, dark skin.

When he was done, an hour later, she rewarded him suitably. We were both thrilled to find that his endowments matched his physique and, better still, that he was evidently a skilled, caring yet demanding lover. He now tends the garden, cleans the pool and general looks after the place for us when we’re not there. 

Raju was her first choice for the special evening. After a lot of thought and discussion — we considered a friend, one of her favoured gigolo, others — we finally decided that it should be her favourite servant-bull. And so it was.

We left the city late Friday night, the three of us, Madhu, I and the servant. I took the minivan which I used for moving heavy stuff from our city apartment to the beach place. Behind the driver’s cab in front was a low door that led to the back of the van.
Since I’d only used it for moving, the small windows at the back were boarded up and I’d taken out all but one jump seat. The servant, Hari, sat there.

As we drove down the expressway, I could see that Madhu was getting hot. She’d opened her blouse and was slowly caressing her breasts. Her skirt was riding high on her thighs and when I saw her move a hand between her legs I asked her if she wanted to go back with Hari. She almost groaned in relief and before I knew it she was out of her seatbelt and into the back. Pretty soon I could hear him grunting loudly and calling her to suck his cock harder. I grinned to myself.

Soon I could hear the two of them fucking in the back. We left the expressway and got onto the country road and I pulled over and killed the lights and went back to watch. He was fucking her on her back on a rug on the floor of the van, thrusting into her hard and she clung to him, her body rocking with his thrusts, kissing him feverishly, her hips bucking under his. The van was rocking with their movements. It turned me on. I sat on the jump seat and watched. My presence didn’t stop them. I saw the servant kissing my wife, pushing his tongue into her mouth as his big cock slid in and out of her cunt. He was a lean, dark young man, quite good looking and one of her favourites. After a while, they stopped and he slid out of her and she immediately rolled over and got on her forearms and knees so that he could mount her from behind doggie style. Her face was only inches from my knees. I was tempted to push my cock into her face, but I resisted and decided to save that for later. Instead I contented myself with watching. The servant knelt behind her and quickly ran his cock deep into her cunt and began fucking her hard and she gasped and cried out, going _Yes! Yes! Yes!_ and moaning and begging him to fuck her harder. Her body rocked back and forth as he pounded in and out of her really hard. I could see how much she was enjoying it. Her face glowed and her breasts swung heavy and swollen with excitement and her nipples were hard as pebbles. Her sexy gold necklace bounced against her chin as he moved faster. I could actually hear the slap-slap-slap of his thighs against her buttocks. He gripped her waist and kept pistoning in and out of her body grunting and gasping, calling her a whore and a bitch, goading her to take his cock. I knew she loved the obscene love-talk and I heard her respond in the same words, egging him on to keep fucking her. 

I was thrilled with the performance and wanted to see it through but we were running late now so I moved back to the driver’s cab and pulled out onto the road again, letting them finish off in the back.

We got to the beach place late and went straight up to bed, leaving Hari to unload the luggage — not that we had that much. I told Madhu not to wash. The smell of him on her turned me on. She smiled and threw herself into a deep chair and split her legs open for me. 

“He came inside me,” she said, with a sly, knowing smile. She pulled open her cunt lips and I saw the remains of my servant’s stickiness in her slit. She dragged one slender finger through her cunt and sexily licked her fingertip and, with her other hand, squeezed her breast. “Come here, you,” she said throatily. “First lick me. Then you can fuck me.”

It wasn’t the first time I’d done or that she’d asked me to, and I loved it. I flung myself to my knees before her and drove my face into her crotch. Within seconds she was murmuring in pleasure, her hips writhing and jerking under my face. I could taste her juices mingling with the servant’s cum — it made my head swim with excitement. She grew hotter and hotter and her cries rose and now she began to goading and taunting me, knowing it would only fuel my arousal. 

“Yes, come on! Lick my pussy, lover!” she said. “Lick me clean! Yes! Come on! Lick up Hari’s cum from my cunt!”

Mad with lust now, I jumped to my feet and pulled her off the chair to her knees in front of me and pushed my cock into her mouth. She took it deep into her mouth with a loud groan and began sucking me off feverishly. I cried out my pleasure for her mouth was incredible — warm and wet and she used her tongue with a wizard’s cunning. 

I wanted her and I wanted her brutally, in the same way that I had seen the servant take her. I pushed her head away and made her turn around on all fours and I got behind her and thrust hard into her which made her cry out sharply. It was music to my ears. I began fucking her hard, feeling her cunt going into lust filled spasms on my cock which was now slippery with that wild cocktail of her juices, my cum and the servant’s. She spurred me on, calling to me, comparing me with other men.

“Come on! Fuck me! Fuck me like the other guys do, baby! Like your servants fuck me! Come on! Do it!”

“You like them, slut? You really like fucking them, don’t you?” I cried.

“Yes!” she went. “God, yes, I love it when they fuck me! All of them! Come on! Take me! Oh yes! Yes!”

And right through, with her rocking and jerking under me and my cock thrusting in and out of her cunt and my hands under her groping and squeezing her bouncing breasts, I kept thinking of her, just like this, and in a hundred other ways, with another man, and I knew with a dreadful certainty that she, too, was thinking of one of her lovers. It was irresistibly erotic.


SATURDAY MORNING. I woke to find that Madhu had already started her weekend with a bang — literally. She was there, right there in the bed beside me, fucking the servant again. How long they’d been at it I had no idea. They were taking their time, going slowly, murmuring very softly. She was smiling radiantly up at him, kissing and caressing him tenderly, her hands stroking his smooth, strong, dark back. I propped myself up on my elbow to watch, grinning and instantly aroused. 

“Good morning,” she smiled, turning her face to me and I thought to myself how lucky I was to be married to such a beautiful, sexy, slutty woman. “Slept well?”

“Very well. You?”

“Like a log. Then he,” she nodded to the servant, “came and woke me up.” She giggled. “Something like an alarm cock.”

I guffawed. The servant grinned, not understanding our words in English but knowing that it must be something ribald. He was bent over her on his knees between her legs, his strong arms stretched out, his knuckles on the bed. His hips were moving rhythmically up and down and in tight circles over her crotch. She was moving in a tempo to match him and now she pulled her legs up so he could go in deeper and squeezed his buttocks, pulling him deeper into her.

“Mm, that feels good, baby,” she said in the vernacular. “Oh god yes, I love your cock in my pussy! It feels so good, baby!”

The youth grinned and bending his head began to suck and lick her stiff nipples. I left them and swung out of bed.

An hour later, I was on the terrace deck with a cup of coffee when she came out, freshly showered and smelling of some subtle lemony fragrance that was really nice. Her hair was tied up in a tail behind her head. She wore jeans and a completely transparent white shirt. It was unbuttoned and the ends were brought tightly together and knotted under her breasts so that a lot of cleavage and midriff showed and, through the transparent cloth, even her nipples.

“Nice?” she said pirouetting for me.

“Very nice.”

“Will they want me?”

“They’d want you if you wore a parka, babe,” I snorted. “You know that.”

She smiled. “I’m so excited. I can’t wait! When do you want to start?”

I looked at my watch. “Love, you’ve had enough since last night. Take it easy. It might get really … demanding. I think we’ll start off in the evening, what do you think?”

“So long to wait!” she pouted. “Can’t we start earlier? Please?”

“No,” I said earlier. “We can’t. And you can’t have a snack either.”

She stuck her tongue out at me. “Spoilsport! Not even a little tickle?”

“Not even the littlest tickle.”

She groaned in mock despair and I laughed and pulled her to me and kissed her, feeling her breasts press heavily against my chest. 

“Let me at least suck your cock,” she said softly into my mouth.

I slapped her bottom and pushed her away with a chuckle. “Stop, woman! There’s going to be a lot of action later. Save your energy for that. Go on, read some sexy stuff, watch a movie or something. I’ve got work to do.”


THAT WASN’T UNTRUE. There was a lot of work to be done around the house. The roof needed work and we had a problem with a section of one wall and the pool needed cleaning. We set about, the three of us, Hari, Raju and I, stripped to our waists. 

We took the pool first, drained it, cleaned it, let it dry and set it to fill again. We were almost done by lunch. I left the guys at it and went in. Madhu had fixed us — her and me — a light lunch of soup and salad and some cheese. We ate in the breakfast alcove and Hari came in to say that the pool was done. I thanked him, not missing the longing, lustful look that he got from my wife and told him to take a break, get something to eat and we’d start on the roof.

Through the afternoon the three of us worked till, finally, at about five, as the sun began to slide down into the sea, I called a stop. We’d found we needed some gear still and, now acting on our plan, I told Hari to come with me to the nearest store, a good 15 minutes drive away, to get it so we could finish working tomorrow. I phoned ahead and told them to keep the stuff ready. 

I’d heard splashing by the pool and knew that Madhu was there, very likely in that ridiculous micro-bikini she loved, with cups that were barely the size of band-aids and panties that were hardly more than a thin thong — they just about covered her cunt lips and, behind, left her buttocks totally exposed with the rear strand going between her butt-cheeks. I told Raju to go find out if she needed anything.

Meanwhile the servant and I went off. We took the pick up I kept at the place. Driving down, I looked at him out of the corner of my eye and understood why he turned on my wife so. He had good, strong, aquiline features, a square jaw and his body was rugged and hard. The wind blew in his dark, thick hair. His arms were muscular, the forearms broad and sinewy. I shifted into overdrive and settled back.

“So, Hari. You really enjoying fucking my wife, don’t you?”

His head whipped around, startled. We generally didn’t talk like this outside of the actual act. Then he grinned.

“Yes, boss,” he said. “She is very hot.”

“One of your favourites, eh?”

“Yes sir. She is my absolute favourite.”

“What do you like doing best with her?”

He grinned. “Everything sir. She’s fantastic! I mean, the way she gives a blow job, boss, it’s really something else! And man, she’s so hot and so tight when I shove my cock into her!” He made a pumping action with his clenched fist, grinning. “Oh man,” he went on, now mimicking a fucking action, hands spread as if holding her waist. “I’m going to fuck her tonight, real hard! Just wait and watch, boss! You’re going to love seeing us!”

“Yeah,” I said. “Lucky me.”

“No, lucky me boss!” He was positively crowing now. “I’m the guy gets to hump your wife, remember?”

Boy, have you a surprise coming, I thought to myself, but said nothing.

The store had my stuff ready and I paid, we turned back. On the way, I stopped briefly at the village (the same one where Raju came from) and kept Hari waiting for a few minutes in the car. 

Back home, I slotted the pickup into the carport and told Hari to unload the stuff and then come to the pool. I went ahead, tossing off my t-shirt. He nodded, grinning.

That grin died a few minutes later.

Hari came out to the pool, dressed in only his pants, bare-chested, and rocked to a complete stop. I expected his reaction and was right by him. I loved the look on his face: his eyes popped, his jaw dropped and a strangled cry erupted from his throat.

By the edge of the pool, Raju stood stark naked, legs apart, his magnificently sexy body glistening wet. His hands were low by his hips, on my wife’s head as she knelt before him, clad only in her ridiculous bikini, giving him a long, loving blow job. Raju’s hips jerked back and forth. Her head moved to and fro. Her fingers were curled around his thick cock, pumping it. Her cheeks billowed when she took him in deep. It was obvious that she loved every minute of it.

“Yeh! Come on! Suck my cock, slut! Suck it hard!” Raju grunted.

Beside me, Hari started forward, shouting, “You bastard! I’ll kill you! She’s mine!”

I grabbed him by the shoulders and held him back. “Easy, stud, easy. Just watch. There’s a kick in that too. Trust me.”

“But … but boss! She’s … he’s … I mean …”

“I know.” And then I snapped. “So fucking what, hero? You think she loves you? You think you’re the only guy she fucks? You know you’re not, so what the fuck are you getting antsy about?”

“I …”

“Yeah, right, so shut up. Just shut up and watch. You can fuck her later.”

He moaned but obeyed and I noticed that his anger was quickly turning into excitement. I loved this. The bull as a cuckold, I thought to myself. It was a delicious twist. 

By the pool, Madhu’s cock sucking was getting more frenzied. Now she slipped her bikini bra off and started fondling her breasts in arousal. Raju pushed her head back finally and she groaned, moving onto her back, kicking off her micro panties and spreading her legs for him, reaching for him.

“Come on, fuck me, Raju!” we heard her say loudly. “Fuck me hard!”

The youth got between her legs and we saw her body arch and heard her loud cry of joy when he squeezed his cock into her slit. Her feet rose behind his knees. Bent over her, he began fucking her with long, slow thrusts, moving his cock slowly in and out of her cunt. She moaned loudly and now her face turned to where I stood with the servant.

“Oh god,” she said to us. “He’s so good! His cock feels so good inside me!” Her body writhed ecstatically under his.

I grinned to myself. This was really sexy.

“Come closer,” she said. “Come here and watch. I want you two closer!”

I nudged Hari forward. I could see his cock was bulging in his trousers. We got up close, right by her and, lying on her back, she stretched her arm up Hari’s leg and squeezed his cock.

“You want me, too, don’t you, Hari?”

The servant nodded.

“Soon,” she murmured sexily, wantonly. “Very soon. Let me enjoy this for now.”

She turned her attention back to Raju who grinned up at us. She’d obviously let him in on the plan. Good. He began moving faster and deeper and she cried out, now arching and tossing and writhing under him, her hips bucking up and down under his, her breasts jumping and jiggling with his thrusts. 

“Take off your pants!” she gasped to Hari. “Quickly!”

The servant shed his trousers at once and her hand closed on his cock. “Oh god, oh god,” she moaned and I could see her intense excitement at having one cock in her cunt and another in her hand. 

Suddenly she let go and looked at me. “I want you to prepare him for me.”

I stared. “What?”

“Prepare him. Suck his cock. Let me see you suck his cock. I want to see you sucking his cock!”

I looked at her stunned. I’d never done anything of the kind before. Madhu’s eyes blazed. “Do it!” she snapped. “You’re the cuckold, remember! That’s what you do!”

I looked at her, thrashing like a whore under the young man who was fucking her and grinning at me, contempt and derision in his eyes. The young man whose bloated cock was sawing in and out of my wife’s cunt, who was kissing her and sucking on her swollen tits, banging her harder and harder. And I looked at the servant standing next to me, lean and dark and sexy, his erection monstrous, his expression a mixture of arousal and desire and impotent frustration. And my own cock hardened further.

I turned to the servant. “She wants me to suck your cock, Hari,” I said softly. “Don’t come in my mouth. Keep that for her.”

I moved slightly behind him and curled an arm around his body and ran my hands down his torso. My god, but it felt sexy! I felt his body stiffen in surprise and momentary resistance, but I persisted and slowly caressed him, moving my hands down to his crotch. My fingers closed around his cock. I’d never held another man’s cock before and the first touch was electric. It felt incredible, hot and throbbing and burning in my fingers. He jerked away, spinning around.

“Easy,” I murmured, moving with him, facing him now, once again taking his cock in my hands. It was impossible to resist. His mouth opened and his breath came sharply. I felt a quiver of excitement rippling through me. I wasn’t prepared to kiss him. But I knew, with sudden certainty, that I did want to suck his cock. I had to know what it felt like, tasted like. I moved closer. He turned his head away, needlessly as it happened, because I was already going down to my knees before him. 

“Easy boy. Relax. Enjoy it.” I murmured.

Again I took his cock in my hand, marvelling at how good it felt, the thickness and hardness and weight of it. I cupped his balls and slowly inched my face closer. I pressed my mouth to his hard, flat belly. His cock was against my neck. I moved my lips lower, moved his cock over my face. It filled my sight. I couldn’t resist. I groaned and opened my mouth and slipped my lips around it.

God, that first touch of a cock in my mouth! It was the purest heaven. It was heavy and hot and big and smelled and tasted wonderfully musky. I ran my tongue around his cock-head, then pulled him in deeper and began sucking him. Behind me, I heard my wife’s long, shuddering moan of excitement and the cackle of the guy fucking her and the shouted groan of the servant whose cock was now in my mouth. I sucked harder and I felt his hands on my head and his hips began moving back and forth. His early cum spurted into my mouth and I swallowed it and suddenly I knew I wanted to finish this, wanted to feel a man creaming in my face. I kept sucking. 

Beside us, on the tiles, Madhu and Raju were fucking like demons now, watching me suck off the servant. I sucked harder. Madhu whimpered, her hands mauling her breasts in frenzied excitement. 

“Stop!” she called suddenly and nobody knew who she meant. “Stop! Now! All of you, stop!”

She eased Raju off her and got to her knees and her face joined mine in Hari’s groin. The servant cried out as our tongues battled over his cock. 

“Go, go suck Raju now,” she said to me. “I want Hari to fuck me.”

And there we were, husband and wife, me sucking one guy, she the other. Fuck, but it felt sexy! Raju’s cock was even bigger and stiffer and already slippery with his gunk and her juices, a totally different taste and experience. I closed my eyes and let myself drown in the pleasure.

A sharp cry made me look around and I grinned. Hari was on his back on the ground, his knees at the edge of the pool, his feet in the water and she was in a deep squat over his cock, slowly impaling her cunt on it, her fingers tight around its base. 

“Oh baby yes!” she cried, throwing her head back. “Oh fuck yes!”

“Come on, whore! Take my cock!” he shouted.

Madhu moaned and began moving slowly up and down on the servant’s cock, leaning forward, her arms outstretched, her hands on the ground beside his hips. I watched her as I kept blowing Raju and she watched me and I could see the incredible arousal and excitement on her face. She had really surprised me and I couldn’t believe how sexy it felt. My balls were aching. I longed to thrust my cock into a mouth or a cunt. But that wasn’t on the menu. Not yet anyway.

Her movements grew more erotic as she arched her body back, moving her hands behind her and began rotating her hips with every downward thrust so that she was sort of corkscrewing her cunt on his cock.

Under her, the guy grunted, his hips heaving and bucking, his hands under her thighs. She cried out softly, tossing her head back, her breasts bouncing.

“Come on, Raju!” she gasped. “Let me suck your cock now!”

And there it was, finally. My wife with two guys. Raju pulled away at once and went to her as she turned her face to him and I saw him pushing his cock into her face. I groaned and fell back, sitting with my legs stretched out, frigging slowly, desperately wanting a fuck for myself but helpless and totally, totally blown with arousal. Inches away, the two guys were fucking my wife in her mouth and cunt together.

They broke apart and she turned around and got on her fours between them, now sucking Hari while Raju began to raid her from behind. Their grunts and moans and cries rang in my ears. I couldn’t take my eyes of her sexy body lurching and jerking back and forth and to and fro between theirs, one guy’s cock drilling her cunt, his cock appearing and disappearing between her butt cheeks while the other guy’s cock filled her face. Their hands were all over her body, squeezing her tits, stroking her head and back and she was in seventh heaven.

And then I had my revenge. A crowd of six swept in, the four guys and two girls from the village I’d stopped at from my way back from the store. Madhu didn’t know that I had arranged this secretly well in advance. I’d known that Raju had bragged about his affair with Madhu to his friends, but he didn’t know I knew or that I’d been in touch with them long before — or that I’d actually even fucked the two girls some months earlier.

They were all young, in their late teens and early twenties with the supple, strong bodies of young people who spend a lot of time outdoors. The guys were all dark, muscular and well-shaped physiques like Raju and the girls were absolutely irresistible. One, Rajashri, was a complete knock out with the loveliest face — dark almond eyes, a slim nose, a long neck and breasts to die for in a superbly curved body and the other, Parvati, a year or two older, was like a cauldron of molten sexuality, earth and sensuous with large breasts and a wide mouth and a stunningly curved body. Both were dressed in long, loose skirts and button down blouses cut close to their curves. Both wore gold necklaces.

I was already on my feet when the trio on the floor cried out in shock and alarm and stumbled apart. They lurched to their feet and I laughed at their expressions.

“Hey look! They started without us! No fair!” One of the guys cried, grinning and starting to undo his pants, moving towards Madhu, his eyes flashing hungrily.

I flung my arms around the two girls, my hands on their breasts, flipping open the buttons of their blouses. They were naked underneath. They giggled and one of them kissed me hard.

“You’ve been sucking cock?” she said in surprise.

I nodded. “Yeah. First time. Now I know why you girls enjoy it so much!”

“Oh god, that’s so sexy!” the other said and I wondered what the fuck it was with these women?

I looked at Madhu and Raju and Hari and laughed. “Surprised? Good! You want more than one guy, right, Madhu? Well guess what. I got you a whole lot more! Come on, let’s see if you can take them all! You ready for that?”

But the four guys had already joined Raju and Hari and formed a ring around her. I saw clothes being shed, heard cackles and laughter, so them looking down. I sauntered over with the girls for a closer look.

And there she was, the hub of arousal in a circle of lust, with six mighty spokes pointing at her in offering and she was going mad, fisting two, sucking one, moving on, whimpering and groaning in wild arousal. 

I entered the circle and she saw me and I knew at once from the look in her eyes what she wanted of me, and at that moment, I was thrilled and overwhelmed with excitement and arousal. The guys were all terrifically sexy bulls, with dark bodies, hairless torsos, smooth skins, and very well muscled — I ran my eye over their wide, cleaved chests and hard bellies and down to their rampant penises and knew I just had to taste them all.

“Suck them,” Madhu said. “I want to see you suck them all!”

The guys laughed and jeered as I stepped forward, uncaring and unmindful of their taunts — right then, music to my ears. I dropped to my knees before the first guy, running my hands lovingly down his body to his crotch. I ran my tongue over his bulging cock-head. He grunted and held my head and pulled it forward and I let him in, taking him deep into my mouth and sucking eagerly, working his cock-head with my tongue. Next to me, Madhu moaned, staving off the hungry men, masturbating shamelessly in front of them all. I looked the other way and saw the two girls getting hot too, their blouses off, their hands working their swollen breasts, their faces bright with excitement.

A few minutes later, I moved on to the next guy and, as I took him between my lips, I heard a loud gasp beside me and saw that the first guy was already with Madhu. She leaned back on her elbows, her legs spread. He kissed her deeply, with lots of tongue play, then moved lower, to her breasts and then lower still, to her cunt. I heard her gasp again, louder, and saw her flinging her head back and then sinking down onto her back as the guy began licking her slit in earnest. She moaned loudly, her head turned to one side, her hands in his hair, her legs split wide. I knew just how much she loved this and now he was finding out, too. She hissed her pleasure, her tongue sliding out of her tongue and arching sexily over her upper lip. Her hands slid slowly up her body to her breasts. Her hips writhed and undulated heavily under the guy’s face. 

“Oh! Oh yes! Oh god yes!” she moaned, her body jerking slowly now as if under a man’s thrusts. 

The second guy pushed my head away from his cock. Immediately I turned to the third. His predecessor laughed down at me. 

“Fucking wimp!” I heard him say. 

He dropped to his knees before Madhu’s face and she turned her head and her mouth opened and drew him in almost gratefully. The guy licking her slit stopped and moved up between her legs, pulling them apart, kneeling between them on his haunches. Madhu paused her cock-sucking briefly and, looking at the guy with a naked hunger glittering in her eyes, arching her face, pulled her cunt-lips open for him. 

“Come on, fuck me!” she cried. “Take me, lover! Give me your cock!”

The others laughed, including the guy fucking my face who pushed my head back and said, “Hear that, wimp-boy? See how we can make your slut beg for it?”

“Yeah, for a real man!” said another.

The guy between her legs laughed and pressed his cock-head quickly into her cunt. Madhu fell back with a loud groan, arching her back steeply as he went deep into her and instantly her head spun around again to the guy who’d been in her mouth — except that it was another guy this time, the third, who I’d just finished. 

By the time I got to number four I was tiring of all that cock-sucking. My cock was raging, too. And now number one had yielded, without coming, to numbers two and three who were taking turns with her. Number four left me and joined them and she was riding one guy with two cocks bobbing at her face. And Hari and Raju were still waiting.

I got to my feet and turned back to the girls. “Come on. Let’s hit the beach,” I told the girls. “I’m not such a wimp, you know. I’ll show you.”

“We know, remember?” the younger one said slyly and took off with Parvati at a run, laughing, tossing their clothes as they went with me pounding behind them. We left Madhu to her lovers.

We swam naked, me and the two girls and they really knew how to show a guy a good time. Lots of kissing and fondling and breasts and tongue and then we headed up onto the beach where one of them began sucking me off, bending over my lap while the other sat beside me, kissing me, frigging herself. I fucked them one by one, Suman on her back and Leela from behind and then decided that I wanted to play sexy games in soft sheets and stopped and led them back to the house.

By then, Madhu and the guys were playing sex games. Pin the cock on the stud. She had a blindfold on and her job was to match the cock to the name. No peeking. Only touch. A real contact sport. We stopped to watch her, bending over a guy on his back, kissing him, moving down his body, taking his cock in her mouth sucking him hard. She couldn’t guess and the guy flipped her on her back and began fucking her heavily.

“What happens if she can’t guess?” I asked one of the local heroes.

He grinned. “No problem. She can keep going till she does, or she moves on to the next guy. Or she calls quits.”

“Bet she hasn’t done that yet.”

“You said it, chief. Fuck, what a number you’ve got here! And oh yeah, we also make it tougher. Sometimes it’s the same guy again.”

“And if she gets it right?”

“The guy gets knocked out. Has to stop immediately. It’s all technique.”

“How’s that?”

“You keep changing your fuck style, you see.”

I didn’t see, but who the fuck cared. Certainly Madhu didn’t. I saw that she didn’t cut it with the current guy. She said later and called for another who immediately took the first guy’s place, turned her over and entering her from behind. She cried out as he rammed into her and began fucking her hard, gripping her hips and slamming this thighs against her buttocks. She got his name right in seconds and he yelled in anger but kept the rules and slid out of her. Next guy.

“Come on,” one of the girls said to me gently. “You can come back later. For now just be with us.” She was right. I knew I should leave before something contrary welled up inside me and asked me to turn my head and forget how much I was truly enjoying this.

We went up to the bedroom and the girls loved it with the smooth clean sheets and their squeals became moans when I lit up the room with candles and started tormenting them properly, not just fucking them, but going long and slow with lots of foreplay.

I pulled out a vibrator, too. They’d never seen one before and they went ape-shit over it. One began masturbating while she sucked me as I lay on my back. I drew the other one’s hips over my face and slowly ate her pussy. 

I’m not clear any longer on who was doing what to whom exactly but some things remain vividly in my memory. It seemed to go on for a long time and I can recall their cries and moans as I fucked them and the warm softness of their mouths and the tight heat of their cunts and the satiny smoothness of their dark skins and the turgid weight of their breasts and the stiffness of their nipples. I remember the way Rajashri thrashed under me when I fucked her on her back, plunging greedily in and out of her cunt and the way Parvati whimpered when she mounted me. And the way they got into a lesbian act, too.

I was fucking Rajashri again on her back, drilling her slowly, fighting to keep off an orgasm and she was rocking back and forth slowly under me with her face buried between Parvati’s legs. I bent forward and began sucking on Parvati’s tits. She hissed in pleasure and pulled my face up and kissed me like a wild animal, her mouth wide and her tongue electric in my mouth. 

“She likes it in her ass, you know,” a heavy voice drawled next to me. “Actually, they both do. You should try that.”

I looked up and saw Hari and Raju watching me. I grinned at them. 

“How come you’re here?” I asked.

“Got knocked out of the game,” Raju grinned.

“Still going on?”

“Yup. But we don’t get any of that action now. No problem,” he shrugged. “We can get that anytime. But we’re hungry. Thought you might spare one of these two.”

“Go ahead,” I said generously. “Who d’you fancy? Or you want both?”

“No, you finish your thing with Rajashri,” Raju said. 

He started moving to Parvati who was moaning with Rajashri’s tongue-fucking of her cunt and was on the verge of an orgasm anyway, her hands mauling her big brown tits, her face glowing with pleasure. As they came up she pulled away from Rajashri and went to the two men, kissing Hari hard, writhing her body lustily against his, then turning to Raju. She groaned loudly and began sucking Raju, turning on her back and opening her legs for the Hari who spent some time sucking her big brown breasts before executing a perfect muff-dive. I got excited watching them and began fucking Rajashri harder. 

“In her ass, you said?” I asked Raju.

“Yup. Slow and deep. Use some lube. Or butter.”

Yeah, right, like I’m Marlon Brando and this is the Last Tango, I thought to myself. I remembered we had some Vaseline in the drawer of the bedside table and that was just a stretch of an arm away. I got it, not stopping in my movements in and out of Rajashri’s cunt. I uncapped the jar and pulled slowly out of her. 

“Come on, bitch, I’m going to fuck your ass now,” I said to her.

Despite what they said, I expected her to resist. Instead, she moaned in excitement and bent more steeply forward with her shoulders on the bed, lifting her buttocks up and spreading them for me, showing me her dainty puckered flesh of asshole and, reaching between her legs, curled a finger up into her cunt.

“Take me!” she gasped. “Please! Do it!”

I salved my prick, then around her asshole and into it with my finger and then pressed my cock-head to her ass. She whimpered but her ass yielded at once. I’d not done this often but remembered it being incredible. I squeezed my cock-head into her ass and she gasped, her head jerking up, her face twisting and her fingers clawed at the sheets. I cried out as her ass convulsed on my prick and went in deeper and deeper and then began fucking her ass slowly and deeply. It was incredibly hot and tight and my cock glided smoothly in and out of her ass.

Next to us, Hari and Raju had begun fucking Parvati. She was on her back with her hips at the edge of the bed and Raju was between her legs, gripping her hips and pumping away hard while Hari knelt over her face and pushed his cock down into her mouth.

“Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Rajashri moaned, her body writhing and rocking to and fro on the bed. “Oh god yes! Oh yes!”

“Like it?” Hari asked me over his shoulder.

“Oh fuck yes!” I gasped. “She’s incredible! Her ass is fantastic!”

Raju laughed. “Yeah. So’s your wife’s, boss. You should see that, you really should. Right up her ass. They’re doing it now. And then they’re going to do it in her ass and in her cunt and in her mouth. Three in one. Bet you’ve never seen her do that!”

I stared at him dumbfounded. I’d seen Madhu being sodomized before and knew she enjoyed it. But with three guys! Together! This was an incredible dream come true. I forgot where I was, what I was doing. All I knew is that I had to be there, where she was. 

I stumbled out of the room, not caring about the girl I left behind, barely hearing the taunting cackle of laughter that followed me out. I hurried down the stairs to the hall.

They’d moved indoors. The four local guys and Madhu. I fell to my knees, awed and feverish, my heart pounding. This was just unbelievable. I hadn’t planned on this. I wasn’t even sure I had wanted this, so much, for so long, for her to be taken and used like this. And now there was no way I could stop it. And I knew I didn’t even want to. I only wanted to watch and watch and watch and I didn’t want to stop watching. I could see that, though she was tiring, my wife was still in the throes of ecstasy and enjoying being pleasured beyond my wildest imagination, or her.

So I watched it through. Madhu was still blindfolded and the guys were laughing and taunting her as she lurched around blindly. Visions and snapshots:

A guy on his back on the low glass-topped coffee table in the living area and Madhu straddling the table, standing and then bending deep forward, her hair cascading over his belly and sucking his big cock, taking it deep in her mouth. 

Madhu on her back on the dining table, her legs forked wide, her body jerking and arching, her swollen breasts bouncing, a guy standing between her legs, holding them wide and high, slamming his hips back and forth, rocking his cock in and out of her cunt. 

Madhu with another one of the locals, her back to him, slowly lowering herself onto his long, thick cock crying out, her face twisting and her hips rising and falling, rising and falling along the length of his cock-shaft, moving a good five or six inches. And then leaning back and turning her face to him and letting him put his tongue deep into her mouth and slam his hips up and down under her. 

And oh yes, the sodomising of my wife. Oh yes. How can I forget that? They all did it, all the four of them, one by one. One guy from behind, bending her forward and easing himself into her, and her shrill cry echoing above their cheers. And the next guy doing the same but with her on her back, bending her legs up high and her face contorting as his dark cock tunnelled deeper and deeper into her ass, till his balls were pressed to her cunt-lips. And the last two, one taking her on her side, lying behind her, the other lying under her and making her sit her ass on it. All of them fucked her in the ass. All of them.

Even in pairs. Two together. Wasn’t that what I wanted, after all? Somehow, I wasn’t so sure anymore. But she was. That was certain.

I saw her upright on her feet, laughing brightly, coiling her dark hair above her head and then arching quickly forward over the armrest of the sofa to take into her mouth the upright cock of the guy who lay on his back on it, his arms folded under his head, his knees over the armrest, grinning up at her as her hair cascaded over his hard, flat belly. And another local, laughing, coming up behind her and her spreading her legs for him and his cock running swiftly into her cunt and her muffled moans and gasps as he began fucking her rapidly, holding her hips and rocking his own to and fro, back and forth, to and fro, slapping his thighs at her buttocks, making her body rock under his, her breasts bouncing and the guy under her squeezing and fondling them and both of them calling out obscenely to her. 

Several minutes, an eternity, later, the guy behind began fucking her ass, sliding out of her cunt and gently pressing his cock to her ass. I saw her tense fractionally, then yield with a shuddering moan and he was through, going deeper and deeper into her ass. She groaned loudly, her head flung back, one hand gripping the backrest of the sofa, the other scrabbling behind her at his hips and at her buttocks, and then the guy on the sofa put his hand on her hand and pushed it down to his groin again. The guy behind her began sodomizing slowly and heavily and deeply and thoroughly, groaning in pleasure, moving his hips slowly to and fro, sending his cock drilling deep into her ass.

They paused after another eternity — but only to swap places. The guy in her ass moved out, grinning and beating his meat. She moved up onto the sofa and now knelt on the seat, her face over the backrest. The guy who’d buggered her now stood in front of her face. The other guy got behind her. And they did it all over again. In her cunt and mouth first — her mouth filled with the cock that had just been in her ass — and then in her cunt and ass.

And then one of them pulled her over his lap and made her sit on his cock and then began slamming his hips up and down and jerking her body hard up and down on his cock. I heard her crying out and saw her body tossing wildly, her breasts bouncing furiously, her hair flying and her cries loud and high and shrieks of the purest pleasure. That’s when he slowed and beckoned to two of the others. One came up, grinning, winked at me and, twisting his fingers in her hair, turned her face into his crotch and my wife moaned and began sucking him deeply.

Meanwhile the other slipped behind her and I saw her stiffen as he pressed his cock-head to her anus and then saw her head snap up and her mouth tear open and the room filled with her long, loud shriek of pain and pleasure as he entered her from behind, his cock separated from the other guy’s by just a little bit of her flesh; and that one wasn’t letting go either and pulled her mouth to his cock again. 

They broke apart and the guys changed positions and they did it to her all over again, just like that, in all three orifices and now one guy was on his back and she moved over his lap, her back to him and slowly, gingerly, sank her ass on his cock, shuddering, moaning, wincing. Very slowly, her buttocks writhing and squirming on his lap, she leaned back, her hands behind her. He reached up and squeezed her turgid breasts and I watched as my wife turned her face over her shoulder and let our servant kiss her. He began moving gently under her and she groaned softly.

Moaning, Madhu obeyed like a sex slave. She cracked her legs further apart. The local youth who’d just fucked her now moved between her legs and bent over her. She turned and kissed him and I saw him press his cock to her cunt-lips. She tensed for a moment, then yielded, and he was through, running his cock slowly and deeply into her flesh, skewering her with his cock, her long neck arching stiffly, her mouth tearing open in a long, shuddering cry. And a third guy was there right away, his big cock sawing the air in front of her open mouth. His hand fell to her blindfolded face and twisted her head to one side and she groaned and took his cock, fresh from its recent invasion of her ass, deep into her mouth.

I watched and watched and watched the four bodies, rocking together, going on and on, till she gave in, finally and called their names and where they were fucking her, and the guys groaned in mock despair but finished anyway, one coming in her butt, another in her cunt and the third flooding her mouth.

She’d saved the best for last, and she called the last guy’s name even before he got to her and tore off her blindfold and blinked and her eyes were hazy and glassy with lust and increasing exhaustion.

“Take me,” she said, her words slurring. “Yes, come on, please, fuck me!”

Oh god, that guy was good. A huge guy, with big slabs of muscle on his chest and belly and thick bulging biceps and broad forearms and thighs like tree trunks, intensely handsome and with an enormous cock. With a cock that size he ought to have been the first one to go, she could hardly have mistaken him for any of the others but I knew she’d kept him for the last. 

She sucked him for what seemed like ever, slowly finger-fucking herself kneeling before him and then he pushed her away and made her turn around and got behind her and started fucking her from behind and it was really hard. He went in quickly and she moaned and then he began moving, rocking his hips back and forth, slapping his thighs at her buttocks, making her cry out and call out with pleasure. Her breasts bounced and shook. She turned her face over her shoulder and he bent forward, squeezing her tits and kissed her deep, pushing his tongue into her mouth. He rose and now he was moving faster, like a madman and her cries were really high sharp broken. He bellowed and gripped her hips and slammed into her hard, jerking her body backwards onto his cock viciously. Again. Again. Again. Jamming his crotch to her butt. Each lunge made her scream. Again and again and again. Then he rose up in a squat over her hips, knees deeply bent and went wild, bent over her, his finger steepled in her back, then under her body, then bent even further and on the floor and his hips were plummeting and rocketing up and down and her body was thrashing wildly under his. 

Watching them, the other three began cheering and whistling and calling, clapping loudly, saying _come on! Fuck her! Fuck the bitch hard, man! Go! Go! Go! Fuck the whore_! Beneath him she was gasping and moaning and crying out, saying _Fuck me! Oh yes oh yes oh yes oh god yes! Fuck me!_ 

I saw her rearing up then falling forward and her hands flailing in a frenzy at the sofa armrest before her and I saw her screaming as she orgasmed and then seconds later the guy flung his head back and cried out and pulled out of her and dragged her trembling body to her knees and pushed his cock into her mouth and then he came and came and came, his hot white sticky cum spurting into her face and down her throat and settling all over her breasts and face, his seed mingling with the others’.

Madhu moaned softly and turned slowly onto her back on the floor. A slow, lascivious smile creased her features. She ran her fingers dreamily through the gobs of gunk spattered over her body. It was all over — between her legs, between her breasts, on her breasts, her face, her belly, her thighs, her buttocks, everywhere. She licked a fingertip sexily.

“Mm, god, that was some good fucking, boys!” she giggled. “My cunt’s really sore! And so’s my ass! You guys really know how to fuck! I just loved your big cocks!”

The men laughed. One of them jerked his thumb towards me. “Your wimp’s here, bitch. He’s been watching.”

“Hope he learned something!” another cackled.

“Doubt it. He doesn’t have the equipment! Maybe we should have just creamed in his face!”

They laughed and Madhu smiled and I felt a rush of excitement. 

“Come here, you,” she said beckoning to me. “You know what to do!”

I did indeed. And I did it. It was the first time I’d done it in front of a bull before and it felt very, very sexy. I went to her and began cleaning her with my tongue, slowly lapping all the accumulated gunk and jizz of the other men off her body. The men were silent for a moment and then I heard them chuckling and then jeering and taunting me but I didn’t care. It tasted wonderful and it was even better off Madhu’s sweet, smooth, sexy body. In no time at all I had her whimpering softly, writhing in pleasure as I worked my way around her body from head to toe, reserving her cunt for the last. I rimmed her ass, sweeping up the gunk there and then finally moved to her cunt. It was flooded with their jizz and it took a while for me to get it all and, by then, she was in deep rut again, groaning and whimpering in pleasure. 

She pushed me away and got to her feet and beckoned to her new lovers. 

“Come on guys. I’ll fix you something to eat,” she said and, naked, led them to the kitchen. “There’s beers in the fridge,” I heard her say.

Suddenly I felt lost and very, very lonely.

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