A New Found Love

He reclined in his bed brooding. Sleep would not come to him and his mother’s words were ringing in his ear eerily.

“Ranga,” His mother had said, “If Aruna does not get pregnant soon her hubby is going to divorce her and marry again,”

“But ma, it is only three years since she got married, what is the hurry?”

“Ranga, Aruna’s in laws are angry. They want an heir to their family and they are not willing to wait. They feel that a young girl like Aruna should have conceived in the first year of her marriage itself,”

“Well, we can have her examined by a good gynecologist ma,”

“They have already done that son, all reports are positive; nothing is wrong with Aruna,”

“Then they should examine her hubby, why can’t that bum have himself examined? Aruna is hardly 20 and in good health ma,” He had never liked his brother in law.

“We know that son, but her in laws are not interested in that and they will not have him examined since they feel it is degrading,”

“Hah, the fools, ma, in this modern age everyone does it, why not that bum?”

“It is no use arguing, Ranga, the point is if Aruna does not conceive soon, she will be back here with us with a broken heart and her whole life ruined,” His mother began to cry. 

“Ma, I don’t know what we can do; If only the guy will have himself examined by a good doctor,” he had sighed. 

“They won’t do it Ranga but……,” His mother hesitated.

“But what ma?” He asked her eagerly. 

“May be we can help Aruna get conceived, Ranga,”

“How ma, how?”

“Ranga, there is only one way out for us to save Aruna’s marriage and I hate to do it but what else is there for us to do? She is all we have,” his mother was crying.

“Ma, Tell me what we can do? Just how can we save her marriage ma?”

“Promise me you won’t get angry and I will tell you,” His mother said slowly, anxiously.

“Sure, I promise and ma, I love her and you aught to know I will do anything to save her marriage,”

“Anything?” His mother was eager. 

“Why, yes ma, anything,”

Suddenly his mother got up and came to him, put her hands on his shoulders and looked into his eyes deeply, questioningly. 

“You can get her pregnant, Ranga,” She said slowly. 

The words shot through him like a knife. He was angry but he remembered his promise in time and kept quiet. He left his mom with his face ashen and had gone out. All through evening he had wandered aimlessly his mind in turmoil. He had enough sense to understand what his mother wanted him to do. He knew it is wrong and it is taboo, some thing the society will never accept and his mother also knew it perfectly and still wanted him to do it. Of course she is desperate to save her daughter’s marriage and was willing to go to extremes for that purpose. But can he do it? Can he fuck his own sister? He was upset and was confused. 

Ranga at 28 was tall and strong. He had not married yet for the simple reason that marriage meant only one woman to fuck but single meant free to fuck around anyone he wanted. He was easy going and had been free with his fucking around. His good looks and strong body helped him get any woman he wanted no matter what her status may be. In fact it was the married women who loved to give themselves to him. He was good in bed and damn understanding. He understood what women loved in bed and gave them just that as liberally as he could. Nothing was taboo to him once he had a woman in his bed. 

His mother knew his affairs but had never said anything about it; may be it was because being a widow and dependent on him she had no say or may be it was because she loved him and was broad minded enough to let him enjoy life as he pleased. He never brought any woman home and no one has ever complained to her about his affairs though most were aware of his easy ways. He took good care of her and was a good son other wise. So she had stayed out of his personal life it seemed. 

Ranga returned home that night afraid to face his mom. He had not yet made up his mind one way or the other and he hated to even look at his mom in this confused state. But his mother did not embarrass him by asking for his answer. Instead she was perfectly normal as she served his food silently and left him alone. He was grateful for that and saw his mom in a new light. She has always been an understanding and caring mother to him and Aruna. He had finished his dinner and came to bed still confused and undecided. 

Now lying in his bed he thought of his sister Aruna. Even as a little kid she was a beautiful and spirited girl. They got along well and both loved each other whole heartedly. Ranga had been generous during her marriage, giving her enough jewels and dowry so her in laws can have no complaints on that account. When she left home after the marriage for her new home with her husband, he had cried secretly. Even now after three years of her marriage he still missed her presence in the house for she always made home lively with her presence and her cheerfulness. 

He now came to the crucial point; can he fuck her and make her pregnant? She is not a tall girl but had a shapely figure and a full woman. He tried to strip her naked in his mind wanting to know for sure if he could turn his sisterly love for her into some thing more so he can really fuck her. As he undid her blouse and bra in his mind and let her firm young breasts exposed, he felt a sudden heat in his body and his blood seemed to boil. He felt his cock stir and was ashamed to realize the very thought of his sister bare breasted was making him hard. He knew he can not think of striping her further down as her shapely legs would burn him with hot desire. This was a shock to him for he has never looked at his sister with sex in his mind. 

Suddenly he realized his love for her was overwhelming enough for him to fuck her for, now that he thought of her as a woman she was sexy and desirable. The thought excited him and he reasoned that he was going to do it not for pleasure but to save his loving sister’s marriage. The thrill of the taboo in the experience was a challenge to him and the more he thought of her the more he wanted her. It was shocking but satisfying to his conscience also and he slept peacefully. 

Morning saw him in a cheerful mood. His mother still did not ask him for his decision and did not even look askance at him. He did his morning chores cheerfully and got ready for work. Just as he was leaving for work, he stopped before his mom and hesitated wondering how to give her his answer. 

“Ranga, I am asking Aruna to visit us for a few days,” his mother said. 

“You still think there is no other way to save her marriage, ma?” 

“Yes son, there is no other way I can think of,” she was matter of fact. 

“Alright then,” he said and left for work. All through the day he was excited and had to try hard to concentrate on his work. His thought kept going to his sister and he was now seeing her as he would see any other woman and saw the possibilities with her in bed. After work on his way home he stopped to buy some flowers and sweets. This is nothing new since he always bought her favorite flowers and sweets when she visited them. 

Things were normal at home. His mother opened the door for him and his sister came and hugged him as usual. Even the talk was quite normal as was fit for the occasion. He enquired about the welfare of her family and her own well being. She in turn asked him about him and as usual teased him about when he was going to marry. All was well and he finished his bath and sat down for dinner. Aruna sat before him in the dining table and he looked at her with new interest as she chatted. 

His mother served with a smiling face and did not force the issue at hand. All during the dinner he kept looking at his sister and admired the way she had dressed to show off her feminine charms in a decent way. After the dinner he came out on the porch and sat there a little anxious about how he was going to proceed. It was one thing wanting to fuck sis sister even if it was only to save her marriage, but it was another matter to make the first move. His mother came out and joined him. 

“I have told her in laws that we are taking her to a doctor here for another test and treatment,” His mother said. 

“Are we?” 

“Of course not, that is just so they will not suspect anything afterwards,” 

“What if they ask for details, ma?”

“I have already arranged with Dr. Vanaja for a test report and some prescription for medicines, so it will be okay,” 

“You think of everything, don’t you ma?”

“We are trying to save her marriage Ranga and we have to do everything within our limits,” 

“Ranga, I have already talked to Aruna and she will come to you after you go to bed, just relax and see her for the woman she is and forget for the time being she is your sister, all will be well. She will be here for a few days so there is no hurry, but one night may not be enough, so make use of her stay; we may not get another chance to help her,”

His mother left him alone and went inside to clean up the dining table and the kitchen. He sat there and tried to relax. It was not easy and the very thought of fucking his own sister was too exciting for him. Women were always been his weakness but he never looked at home for sex and his sister though beautiful had never stirred him until now. It must have been because he had never looked at her that way or because of the strict traditions and the taboo idea of having sex with blood relatives. Tradition is funny he thought since marrying cousins of certain type is common and many even married their own sister’s daughter with full social acceptance. 

He was beginning to feel better and decided he would enjoy this new experience without any remorse. With a clear and relaxed mind he went to bed and waited for his sister to come. A little later his sister came in and closed the door behind her. She stood against the closed door and looked at him with a shy smile on her lips. It was obvious she was waiting for him to make the first move and realizing this; he got out of the bed and came forward. As he reached her he switched off the light and lifted her in his hands like a child. She was small enough for him and effortlessly he carried her to his bed and laid her down gently. 

He did not dare talk and did not even know what to say. But he knew what to do and proceeded to do it. He pulled the saree that covered her breasts and traced the hem of her blouse below her neck and looked at her in the dark. There was enough light to see vaguely and at his touch she closed her eyes. He wanted to arouse her fully before he entered her so he could be sure she will conceive. With that in mind he put his hands on her shoulders and squeezed them gently and moved his hands up to take her face in his hands. Even in the darkness he could see her cheeks blush and lips quiver. Bending down he kissed her forehead and then her eyes. When he kissed her nose she moaned and he pressed his cheek against hers to feel her soothing softness. Any tension he may have felt left him at her easy response and he forgot she is his sister. 

Kissing her cheeks and licking them lightly he sealed his lips to her and then took her lower lip between his lips and sucked them. Her hands went around his neck and her fingers slipped into his hair. She pulled his face closer and parted her lips letting his probing tongue to enter her juicy mouth. Her own tongue sought his eagerly and as their saliva mingled; their kiss became passionate and full of primal lust. He kissed her as he would kiss any woman sucking her tongue and pressed his chest against her soft breasts. She was as passionate as any woman and responded to his kisses with wanton desire.

His hands moved under her head and down to her back and he groped for her blouse hooks. Finding and undoing them, he caressed her naked skin without breaking his kiss. His cock grew hard under his lungi and his kiss became more passionate. She seemed to be on fire and reluctantly he broke the kiss wanting to see her naked breasts. They gasped for breathe and he unhooked her bra and pulled the blouse and bra off of her. Her full young breasts came into view with the nipples erect and long. He gazed at the proudly firm breasts with admiration and kissed her neck and felt her soft breasts against his chest and pressed down harder. She giggled at his kiss on her sensitive neck and tightened her hands around him.

His passion aroused to the limit, he pulled her up onto sitting position and held her at arms length feasting his eyes on her full firm breasts once again. Her hands were on his cheeks and they felt so soft and sensual. Her eyes glowed with admiration and lust for him. As he feasted on her now swollen breasts, her fingers fumbled on his shirt and unbuttoned them. He took his hands off her to take the shirt off and then crushed her to him squeezing her bare breasts against his chest. His tongue came out to lick her ear lobe and her moan was music to his ears. Holding her body tightly to him he pulled the saree out of her skirt and then unzipped her skirt and pushed it down. She lifted her ass so the skirt can slip down and wiggled out of them. 

As he kept savoring her naked flesh against him and nibbled on her earlobe, she undid his lungi and pushed it down. He lifted himself up so the lungi can come down and he got off the bed, pulling her with him. She clung to him kissing his neck and licked his skin, her breathing becoming labored. Both of them fully naked he cherished her whole body against him and his cock throbbed against her flat stomach. His hands slipped down to cup her ass cheeks and pulled them still closer against him. She moaned against his neck and her hot breathe was adding to his passion. 

Lifting her off her feet he laid her again on the bed and sitting beside her, kissed her flat stomach and licked around her navel. Her hands took his cock in them and began to stroke. He cupped her breasts and squeezed them gently and took her nipples between two fingers and tweaked them. She moaned and twisted her body to his side and laid her head on his thigh. Instinctively he felt her need and slackened his hold on her so that she could move her face further towards his cock fully erect and throbbing. She kissed the tip of kiss cock and licked the slit, greedily tasting his precum. Her stroking had already uncovered his foreskin and now her tongue twirled around the cock head and he groaned in pleasure. Never before he had felt such primal lust or pleasure with any of the other women he has had. The thought of her being his own sister was adding fuel to his lust it seemed.

His cock was rock hard and in the pit of his stomach he felt a strange and yet pleasant feeling formed and spread all through him. He slipped his right hand down her body caressing her flat stomach and savoring the sensual softness of her skin and rested his palm on her mons. It was hairless and sooth to his touch. He lingered there, feeling its silken smoothness and let his middle finger move down to her feminine entrance to heaven. It was wet and juicy and his finger slipped on her swollen outer lips. He traced them gently feeling their softness and their lovely shape. 

Meanwhile she took his cock head between her lips and sucked them in slowly. Her dainty fingers closed around his hard cock and kneaded it. As his finger explored her cunt and rested on her clit, her sucking became hard and she took more and more of his cock into her mouth until he felt the tip of his cock touching her throat. He felt his balls swell and with an effort held back his release wanting to prolong the pleasure of her mouth on his cock. She must have felt his balls swell for, she slowed down on her sucking and they there gasping for breathe. 

He slipped his finger into her juicy cunt and probed her inner wall and let another of his fingers join in. Concentrating on her cunt, he let his thump flick her clit and she wriggled her waist and pushed her ass up taking more of his fingers inside her. At the same time a spasm gripped her and she went overboard thrashing her legs as her cum began to flow in torrents. He kept up his fingers probing her cunt as her juices flowed out on to her legs. She has taken her mouth away from his cock to let out her moans of pleasure and that helped him to hold his own spurting in check. When she recovered from the spasm, he took her in his arms and kissed her passionately.

He found himself possessed by uncontrollable lust and wanted to fuck her mouth. Standing up near the bed and she sitting on the bed, he held her head in his hands and fed his cock into her mouth. She took it eagerly with her fingers curled around them and began to bob her head up and down and tried to take all his length into her mouth. He gave her free rein and soon she took him deep into her throat. For a while he let her suck him deep into her throat on her own and then when he realized she is comfortable with it, began to fuck her mouth, pushing his cock in and out in a rhythmic manner. 

His heart was racing as he fucked her mouth and he could not hold back his release any longer. His balls tightened and he began to spurt his cum inside her mouth. In the throws of his passion he totally forgot his mission of impregnating her and filled her mouth with his seed. He relaxed his hold on her head so that if she wanted to she could take her mouth off and let his cum spill outside. But she held on to his cock in her mouth and drank his seed greedily and when his spurting ended she licked him clean. 

Knowing he must be tried after the hard fucking, she pulled him on to the bed. He slumped on the bed beside her and gasped for breathe. She took his head and held it against her breasts lovingly. For a long time they stayed in that position, both with their own thoughts. He was happy with the unexpected pleasure he had experienced with his sister and also ashamed that he deviated so much from his mission. She seemed contented by his side, her heaving breasts against his face. 

Finally unable to bear the silence, he murmured into her ear, “I am sorry, Aruna, I lost my head,”

She laughed and said, “Sure Anna (Brother), you lost your head inside my throat,”

“But Aruna, aren’t you worried, you know I did not….?” He stammered. 

“My dear Anna we have all night ahead of us, why worry?”


“No buts Anna, I have wanted you for so long that I am not going to just let you impregnate me; I want to cherish every moment of this Anna, I love you so much,” She kissed him lightly on his lips. 

“Aruna this is wrong you know; we are doing this only to save your marriage and not to enjoy,”

She laughed, “Anna, may be you are doing this to save my marriage but I am doing this because I love you understand? I love you and I have wanted you for so long, ever since I knew about sex,” 

“But Aruna, that can’t be, I am your brother,” 

“Yes you are my brother but you are also a man, Anna, a sexy man and loving and if all the women in this fucking city can have you, why not I?”

“But this is wrong Aruna, our love should be different not romantic or sexual,” 

“My dear Anna, do you think mom would let us do this if she thought this is wrong? Think no one in the world is doing this? You know my friend Meena, her father fucked her and she was so proud and happy about that and was bragging about it to all of us in college,”

Ranga was thoughtful as he digested this information. For all his affairs he seems to be less knowledgeable sexually than his young kid sister. In fact his sister seemed to know a lot more of the world than him. He smiled at the thought. He had started this sex with his sister mainly to save her marriage but had ended up enjoying every moment and had felt more pleasure than with any other woman. He only had a few more days in which he will be able to enjoy her lust with out feeling guilty, for his mom has permitted it and he decided to make the most of his opportunity. His sister seemed more sexy and desirable than any other woman he has had so far. He looked at her lying beside him and pleased and felt his cock stirring once again.

The thought that she is very sexy and desirable was turning him on and he wanted her badly. After all he is a man and she is a woman. Both had needs and desires and if fate gave him the opportunity to fuck her and enjoy her ardent love, why not? She has confessed she wanted him for long and now that he has looked at her as a woman to fuck, he also wanted her desperately enough, so why not? Everything suddenly seemed right and he felt he also loved his sister more than as a sister and wanted her sexually. Her feminine body close by him was inviting and he was getting more and more obsessed with her.

With a renewed vigor, he took her in his arms, held her close to him and kissed her passionately. She responded with burning desire and wrapped her legs around his waist with her hands circling his neck. Her body against him made him mad with lust and his hands moved down her back and caressed lovingly. He cupped her ass cheeks and squeezed them gently, the softness of her flesh intoxicating him. His cock was hardening against her soft flat stomach and his heart thundered. When at last they broke the kiss, both looked into the others eye and love and lust glowed in them. 

He kissed her neck and sucked her erect nipples. She giggled as her nipples tickled and pulled his head closer. His other hand cupped and squeezed her other breast and he alternated, sucking and squeezing them until she pushed his head away in despair. He then moved his mouth down on her stomach licking and kissing her soft skin. When he reached her naval, he licked and twirled his tongue in, eliciting moans and giggles from her. He further moved his mouth down and lingered at her mons his breathing hard. She was holding his head in her hands and now pushed it down against her mons. He kissed and then licked the soft flesh and then he got up and came between her legs. He lifted both her legs and wrapped them around his neck and buried his face between her legs. 

“Oh God, Anna, yes, please lick your sister’s cunt,” she said.

He darted his tongue and traced the outer lips of her cunt and then kissed her clit and took them between his lips. She pressed his head down and moaned with pleasure. He nibbled on her clit and then bit it lightly. She writhed under him and pushed his ass high with wanton lust. He pushed his tongue inside her cunt and twirled them around her inner wall. She was whimpering now and pushing her ass up wanting more of his tongue inside her. He tasted her juices and drank eagerly. He took both her breasts in his hands and began to knead them, two fingers clutching and pinching her erect nipples. Unable to bear the assault on her cunt with his tongue, she went overboard and thrashed against his face. Her juices flooded and he lapped them up as fast as they came. 

When her spasm subsided, he relaxed and came on top of her. His cock was rock hard and was throbbing. As he poised above her, she took his cock in her hand and guided it to her cunt lips. She brushed his cock head against her swollen cunt lips and moaned with pleasure. He let her tease and enjoy herself for a while and then as she pushed her ass up, thrust his cock deep inside her. She gasped at the thrust and wrapped her legs around his waist holding him inside her firmly. With his cock buried deep inside her cunt he looked into her eyes. 

“Aruna, I love you girl,” he said coarsely. 

“I love you too Anna,” she whispered softly. 

“Fuck me Anna, fuck your sister hard,” she said 

“Yes, sweetheart, I will fuck my sister real hard,” he responded and began to pump in and out of her cunt. She responded by raising her ass up and met his thrusts with force. Soon they settled on a rhythm and the only sound was the plop plop of his cock moving in and out of her cunt. As he had already cum once he could last longer and he kept up his tempo, fucking her as hard as he could. She responded with eager enthusiasm and moaned and whimpered licentiously. After a while he relaxed and just lay above her panting for breathe. She took his head and held it against her heaving breasts tenderly savoring his manliness. He on his part loved the softness of her breasts as they heaved against his face. 

Rested, he once again pulled his cock almost out of her cunt and then thrust it hard into her. She raised her ass up to meet his thrust for thrust and once more they settled on their rhythm of hard and fast fucking. Nothing seemed to matter as his cock rammed into her and both were swallowed in their lust for each other. His balls slammed against her ass and she reveled on the madness of her brother’s hard thrusts. He loved and lusted for her slippery cunt and could not get enough as his cock slipped in and out of it in a fast rhythm. He held her breasts firmly in his hands as a lever as he pumped in and out of her cunt. 

Every time a spasm took hold of her she writhed and thrashed under him screaming in pleasure and Cumming hard. Never in the three years of her marriage had she felt as good as this or cummed as hard as this. Even when she thrashed under him and screamed he never stopped fucking her, in fact he fucked her harder and his thrusts became more powerful. Three times she came hard before she felt her brother’s balls tighten and then felt his seed spurt into her and once again she spurted her juices along with him. 

Finally spent and tired by the hard fucking, they lay side by side panting for breathe. When their breathing returned to normal they turned towards each other and cuddled together their eyes locked in new found love. He kissed her lips lightly and then massaged her breasts tenderly. She kissed his cheeks and held him close to her not wanting to let him go. Finally fully satiated they slept in each others arms peacefully.

The next few days were heaven for them as they fucked and sucked with unbridled lust and love. When the time came for Aruna to go back to her hubby, they both cried with the mother watching them wonderingly. Nine months later when Aruna gave birth to a son, her in laws were very happy and pleased with her that she has given them an heir, not knowing it is her brother’s son and not their heir at all.

No plans for tonight son?” Maha asked surprised her son was home on a Saturday night. 

“No Ma, I have no plans,”

Maha looked at her son with a knowing smile and left to prepare dinner. 

It was not usual for Ranga to be home on a Saturday night since he would be having one of his affairs with any of the many ladies he is friends with. Some were married and it meant nothing to him as they were more than willing and he was giving them only what they wanted. His mom knew about his many affairs but pretended not to notice. At 28, it was high time for him to be married and settled but he preferred to be single enjoying life, having many different women. And Saturday nights were reserved for it. 

Maha understood her son’s present mood perfectly. She had noticed the way the siblings had behaved during the ten days they had been together, not as siblings but as lovers. During that time there was a special glow in both of them and they had found a new love between them, a love that was special. Now she knew her son was missing his sister and that too not with sisterly love but with the passion of a lover. Being a matured woman who had enjoyed love with her husband she knew the pain of separation and felt sorry for her son. At the same time she also felt a little jealous of the way her daughter had him in her power. She sighed as her own body ached for a man’s passion. 

When she brought her children together in a new kind of love between them she had dared the traditions and had as good as initiated them into an act that is considered by the society as sin. But then that seemed to be the only way for her to save the marriage of her daughter and she had gone ahead and done it. Of course she did not regret it for it did produce the results needed but it also had opened her own mind to new horizons. She had started to wonder if her son could fuck his own sister, why not he fuck her as well. She had needed a man for long and had stayed away only for her children. Now they are grown up and don’t need her any more but she can’t go looking for a man at this age in this present society she lived in. 

She is still desirable to men, she was well aware but with a son at marriageable age living with her, it is simply impossible for her to entertain the idea of another man. She had to consider the society if she should live in this small town with respect. On the other hand if her son could provide her the love she needed, no one will be the wiser, she reckoned. The lonely nights added strength to her new line of thought and she was almost beginning to contemplate seducing her son. Now that he is missing his sister and her lustful love, the time is ripe for her to make her try. During the last few days she had dressed more sexy than usual for her and yet her son had not yet noticed the change. She sighed again and wished she knew what her son was thinking of just then. 

Ranga frowned at his mother’s knowing look but did not reply. He had changed since the last few days. It is only three days since his sister, who he impregnated to save her marriage left for her hubby’s house. Although he had made love to his sister to save her marriage both of them had enjoyed the experience and had discovered a new love between them. The brother sister love they shared had soared to a romantic relationship and he missed her. Since his mother was instrumental in the affair, it looked like she understood his mood and that irritated him. 

But he should not be irritated with his mom he realized. If it was not for her bold suggestion he would never have made love to his sister and he was truly thankful to his mom for that. Now he missed her and he did not feel like going for one of his other women either. He replayed the ten lustful days and nights he had spent with his sister and smiled to himself. They had been free of inhibitions and comfortable with each other and had explored many different avenues. They were noisy as well, and Ranga knew his mother had heard all the noise and had even seen them a few times fondling each other. During those instances she would blush and leave but then they did not care as they had been doing it with her consent after all. 

Now thinking back of those incidences, Ranga wondered about his mom’s situation and feelings. At 45 she has been a widow for 22 years now. She had married early and lived with his father only for 7 years before he died. Since then she had lived for them, Ranga and his sister. He wondered if his mother missed her sex life. She had sacrificed her life for them and had cared for them and to his knowledge has never had an affair. If she had had he would have known, for, it was a small town they lived in and nothing was a secret in the closed society. 

Ranga, who never thought in these terms about his mom, started thinking of her and her feelings for the first time. She did not look her age but looked a lot younger. She was naturally slim and had full firm breasts and she looked sexy in any dress she wore, be it saree or nighty. Although he had not noticed this before, now it came to his mind and he realized she could have easily got married again if she had wanted to. Surely she would have looked more beautiful 10 or 15 years ago and most men would have married her with or without the children. 

Yet she had not married and Ranga felt sorry for her. 

“Coming for Dinner?” His mom called and Ranga went in.

As she served him, he looked at her curiously seeing her as a woman for the first time and not as his mom. He felt a stir in his groins and that surprised him. When she caught him staring at her, she smiled sweetly and went on with what ever she was doing. Ranga blushed but could not keep his eyes away from her. It was not lust he was feeling but love for her because of the sacrifice she has done for him and his sister. Yet the stir in his groin did not go away, instead it grew and with it his cock was hardening too. He tried to concentrate on his food but still his eyes kept wandering to her as she moved here and there. He was seeing her firm breasts dangling under her nighty as she walked and the sway of her ass turned him on. 

Finally his dinner over he came out on to the porch once again and sat there gazing at the sky. He wanted sex but not with any of the women he usually went to but with his sister. But she is not here and he missed her. He was frustrated but his body longed for release. One by one he thought of the many women to whom he could go but dismissed each one of them. His mother’s smiling face kept coming back to him and always he envisioned her firm breasts and perfect ass. Forcefully he pushed those thoughts out of his mind but her smile was taunting if not inviting. 

Maha was pleased with her son as he kept gazing at her during dinner. She made herself available for him to watch as she pretended to be busy but was actually giving her son his chance to appraise her. She hoped and prayed he would see her as a woman desirable and not as his mom. The way he kept looking at her breasts, she had a feeling he was fulfilling her wishes and that was turning her on. Her breasts swelled and her nipples hardened and ached. She felt wetness between her legs as well. She wished she could just go and offer her to him but thought better of it. It was easy for her to suggest to him that he make love to his sister but to offer herself, she hesitated. She hoped he would take the initiative himself and then she will have no trouble submitting to his desire. 

Irritated with himself he went inside and instinctively looked in the kitchen to see what his mom was doing. She had finished washing the dishes and was arranging them neatly on the shelf. Not having anything better to do, he leaned on the door post and watched her. She was wearing a loose nighty and every time she turned to take one of the dishes he could see the side of her breasts as the nighty clung to her body. Fascinated by her dainty movements, he watched her unblinking and felt wanton desire building inside him. 

She was immersed in such passionate thoughts when she heard the foot steps of her son approaching the kitchen where she was busy arranging the washed dishes. She was glad he chose this time to come, for, it gave her the necessary opportunity to show him discreetly her breasts that she was sure would arouse his desire, even if he was not aroused by this time, after all the gazing he had done during dinner. Her heart beats thundered wildly when through the corner of her eyes, she saw him leaning against the door post watching her with lusty eyes. Wanton lust took hold of her and she deliberately acted in such a way that he could see what he wanted to see. She lifted her hands more than was necessary and turned in such a way that he would get glimpse of her breasts through openings in her nighty. 

Once as she turned she saw him watching her but did not say anything but carried on with her work. Caught red handed he was ashamed and turned to go but stopped on his tracks when he realized his mother did not say anything but had continued with her work. For a minute he wondered at that and then as his desire burned his reason, he walked into the kitchen. 

Her heart almost stopped when he came to her and stood behind her unsure of his next step. She then deliberately turned and pretended to slip her foot so she could fall on him and when she did fall she made sure all her weight fell on him, so that he could feel her body on him. The way he caught her so she would not fall was some thing she had not planned nor dreamed but felt was the helping hand of the providence. At that point she knew she had won him and submitted herself totally to his desires. 

When he reached her, he stopped confused but as she turned to take a dish, her foot slipped and she staggered. Instinctively his hands reached around her and he found his hands cupping her breasts as he caught her. It felt soft in his hands and he stood there thrilled. She did not move away but let her weight press on him. Already burning with desire, he held on to her for a while and then began to squeeze her breasts gently. She moaned softly and unthinking he kissed her neck and then as her feminine smell entered his nostrils, he began to lick her sensual skin. As he did, he felt her slump, her knees buckling under her. 

Her closeness intoxicated him and he lifted her in his hands like a child. Still she did not say anything and he carried her to his room and as he walked he began to kiss her face. In his room he laid her on his bed and then looked at her with eyes filled with lust and doubt. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing hard. Without a word he walked back to the kitchen, switched off the lights and then returned to his room and locked the door behind him. When he looked at her she was watching him with a sensual smile in her face. 

Emboldened by her smile he came to the bed and sitting by her side, pulled her night gown up exposing her naked body from her feet upwards. She raised her ass as the nighty came up and then her body as well and he pulled the nighty over her head and threw it away. She was not wearing anything under and lay there stark naked before him. She was still smiling but had her eyes closed and her nipples stood proudly erect on her breasts. He kissed her full in the mouth, probing her lips with his tongue. She opened her lips willingly and met his tongue with hers. Her hands went around his neck as he kissed her passionately and their tongues danced with heated passion. Feeling her response, he slowed down and tasted the sweetness of her mouth with his tongue and played with her tongue lustfully. 

They kissed for long both unrelenting as their lips and tongue danced and then finally broke the kiss when both could not breathe. She fumbled with his shirt and he hastily removed it and then discarded his lungi as well. When he bent down again to take her nipple in his mouth she moaned and whispered in his ear, “Easy son, we have all the night before us,” 

At her words he lifted his face and smiled at her. His right hand went to ruffle her hair and he kissed her tenderly on her cheeks and then moved down to suck her right nipple and with his right hand cupped and squeezed her left breast. She moaned and pulled his face closer to her breast and then slipped her right hand down to hold his cock. As he sucked her nipple and fondled her breast, she began to stroke his cock, her soft fingers sliding up and down his now rock hard cock. His groan was muffled by her breast and he bit her nipples softly while pinching her other nipple between his fingers. She shuddered under him as waves of pleasure coursed through her. He was sucking her breasts hungrily alternating between the two. 

Then his right hand slipped down caressing her soft stomach and reached her now wet cunt. He took her clit between two fingers and gently pinched it and unable to bear the exquisite pleasure coursing through her she screamed into his shoulders and writhed under him. He held on to her clit, relentlessly sucking and pinching her nipples as well until her spasm ended. Once her spasm ended and she breathed normally he inserted two of his fingers inside her and probed her inner walls and at the same time, pushed one of his fingers into her ass hole. As his fingers probed both her holes she once again spasmed as waves after waves of pleasure coursed through her. She writhed uncontrollably under him and screamed in pleasure. 

He pulled his fingers out of her and then climbed on the bed beside her. Lovingly he pulled her to him and held her close massaging her back gently. She kissed him lightly on his lips and pushed her hand between them to take hold of his still raging hard on. The cock felt like a hot steel rod in her soft hands and she closed her fingers around the root of the cock just above the balls and slide the fingers tightly up to the tip of his cock head and then slid down pulling down the foreskin that covered the bulb of his cock head. She enjoyed the feel of his hard cock in her hand and he was now squeezing her ass cheeks. She moaned and pushed her hips against him. She desperately wanted him inside her but did not push him. Instead she let him proceed in his own way. 

Ranga was amazed by the passionate response of his mom and was enjoying her lusty warm body. He wanted to bury his cock inside her just like he had done with his sister but he wanted to give her more pleasure before he finally entered her. With that thought in mind, he pushed her away from him on her back and got down from the bed. He spread her legs wide and then looking her in her eyes with his own eyes glowing with naked lust knelt between her legs. Then he kissed her inner thigh one after the other and pulled her legs on to his shoulders. He now looked down at her gaping wet cunt and then raised his head slowly and looked deep in her eyes. Unable to bear the heat of his look, she closed her eyes and moaned. 

Holding her legs loose about his shoulders, he moved his face down licking her inner thigh and then buried his face between her legs. Before kissing her swollen cunt lips, he breathed hot air on her cunt and heard her whimper. Pleased with the response he pushed his tongue inside her cunt and began to lap up her juices like a man possessed. She pushed her cunt up at his face and moaned and cried with pleasure. His darting tongue slipped out to flick her clit and she screamed with pleasure and came hard wetting his face with her juices. He sucked and licked her juices as she writhed under him and pushed his right hand under her ass and traced her ass crack with his middle finger. When his finger invaded her ass hole, she came again much harder than before and screamed again. 

Eating a woman’s cunt was not new to him but no woman had cum as hard as his mother did just then. It was arousing his already roused passions to a new high and he lapped up her juices hungrily with his finger probing her ass hole. Finally when the waves of pleasure ended for her and she began to gasp for breath, he relented and removed his finger out of her ass hole and his mouth from her cunt as well. He stayed in that position until he felt her body relax under him. Once he felt her fully relaxed, he let down her legs and turned her on her stomach. He then took the pillows and pushed them under her stomach. She understood what he wanted and lifted up on the pillows raising her ass up in the air. He then knelt between her legs, the tip of his cock touching her ass cheek. 

Clutching her hair firmly he turned her face to look back at his lust filled eyes. She returned his gaze boldly loving the lust she saw in his eyes and showed her own lust burning in her eyes openly for him to cherish. He groaned at her heated lusty gaze and letting go of her hair took her hips in his hands and began to rub his cock head between her ass crack letting it slide down to her wet cunt. She pushed her ass back at him showing her need for his cock inside her. 

Maha desperately needed her son’s hard throbbing cock inside her and Ranga also wanted to bury his cock inside his mother’s waiting cunt and feel the heat of her lust on him. Yet neither rushed to the blissful end but wanted to prolong the pleasure of anticipation and waited patiently enjoying the moment and its pleasurable sensations. Finally, Ranga, knowing he can’t last forever said softly, “Mom, I want to fuck you; I want to feel the heat of your cunt,”

“Yes, my son, fuck your mother and feel the lust and heat of her cunt, it is waiting for you, my baby,” 

She took his cock in her hand and placing it at the opening of her cunt said, “Here my baby, fuck your mom as much as you want, she is all yours, my baby”

He did not answer but thrust his cock hard into her waiting cunt burying it deep inside her. She gasped at his hard thrust and Ranga was surprised at the tightness of her cunt and savored the pleasant feel of her cunt around his hard cock. 

“Fuck me baby; fuck your mom good and hard,”

“He grinned at that and replied, “Sure mom but I am not going to fuck you as my mom but as my lover, Maha,”

“Oh Baby, what a wonderful lover you are, yes baby, fuck your lover Maha,” She responded and pushed her hips up at him. 

“Don’t be in a hurry Maha darling, I am enjoying the tightness of your cunt and not going to end this wonderful feeling so soon,”

“Of course my baby, it is so long since a cock invaded my cunt that it is still tight for you,” 

“Good lord Maha, you are a fantastic lover,” he laughed and then pulled his cock slowly out of her cunt and then thrust hard into her. As if reading his thoughts she pushed her ass against his cock to meet his thrust and he groaned with pleasure at her response. 

“My baby, you are a wonderful lover yourself and it feels like heaven to have you inside me so big and hard,” She returned wanton lust gripping her as his cock pumped hard into her. 

“Lord, how I love fucking you,” he exclaimed and then began to fuck her hard, increasing the speed with every thrust and she met his thrusts with eager welcome falling into a rhythm with him. He kept up the tempo enjoying the expert way she was responding to his thrust and neither could talk as both were engrossed in their fucking bliss and there was no time for talk. Even with her juices flowing freely her cunt was still tight and he could not last much longer. Suddenly he exploded inside her groaning aloud and filled her cunt with his seed. She exploded with him and screamed in pleasure mingling her juices with his seed. He relaxed on her until his breathing returned to normal and his cock limped and slipped out of her cunt.

He then slid off her and lay by her side and gave her time to rest from the exertion. For a while both were content to lye side by side and then he said, “Mom I wish we had done this long before,” and sighed. 

She turned on her side to face him and pulled his face to her breasts and holding him lovingly said, “You are certainly a sexy man Baby and I have been jealous of all those women you were having affairs with but never really believed we could do it together,” 

“At least not until you had to impregnate your sister and after that I was only waiting for you to make the first move,” She added. 

He lifted his face up and looked at her glowing face adoringly and said, “That was a brave thing you suggested Mom and now I don’t know who is best between the two of you,”

“You will have plenty of time to find out Baby, now that your sis is sure to be pregnant, she will be visiting us more often,” She winked smiling.

“I would sure love to have both of you together mom,” he said and took her in his arms, holding her tightly against him. 

“Haven’t you had enough for one night baby,” she whispered into his ear and licked the back of his earlobe. 

“With you in my arms, I will never have enough, Mom and I don’t think I will sleep easy until I have had you one more time at least tonight,” 

His hands moved down her back and rested on her ass cheeks. He felt the soft flesh gently and then squeezed them affectionately. She held his head in her hands and kissed him passionately, parting her lips to let his tongue invade her and dance with her tongue. As they kissed she felt his cock harden against her stomach and she pressed her body tighter against him wanting to feel his hardening cock more. He could feel her juices trickling down his legs and breaking the kiss he took one of her nipples in his mouth and the other in his hand sucking and tweaking them. She giggled as his touch on her breasts tickled her and then as he began to squeeze her breast as well, moaned with pleasure mounting inside her. His actions having aroused her she pulled his face closer against her breast, pushing more of her breast into his mouth. 

Ranga felt the mounting lust in his mom and it was arousing him like never before. He sucked her breasts greedily one after the other and always kneaded the other breast and tweaked the nipple as well, arousing her passions to a new high. She moaned and cried as he pampered with her breasts lustily and shook against him. He was enjoying his mother’s wanton lust and circling his hands around her waist he pulled her on top of him and felt her weight press against his lust heated body. 

“Let me suck your cum coated cock baby before you fuck me again,” she whispered into his ear lustily. 

“Only if you will sit on my face Maha,” he replied wanting to taste their mingled juices from her cunt. Maha immediately complied by turning around, caressing her ass cheeks against his stomach and then sat on his face her still oozing cunt touching his lips. She sensually wriggled her ass above his face as she bent down to take his cock in her mouth. With his tongue lapping up her cunt she sucked his cock slowly and expertly letting it smoothly sliding into her throat and back. If he had not fucked her before he knew he would have spurted his seed into her the first time she took his cock deep into her throat. As it is he enjoyed the feel of her mouth on his cock and held back.

For a long time she sucked his cock her hands holding his legs tightly around her neck and then when she had cum on his face at least twice, took her mouth reluctantly off his cock. She then turned around and sat on his stomach looking at his eyes to see the blissful glow on his eyes. Still looking into his eyes she positioned herself above him with her cunt just above his cock. Then she took his cock head into her waiting cunt and slowly sat down on his cock until her ass cheeks rested on his legs. With her palm resting on his chest she began to ride him wildly her breasts dangling wantonly. 

Ranga was mesmerized by her dangling breasts and he took them in his hands and held onto them as she rode him with all her lust surfacing. They rode wildly both engrossed in their own blissful thoughts and came together in a frenzy. She kept riding him until her strength held and then sank on top of him exhausted and gasping for breath. Ranga took her in his arms and as he also gasped for breath still held on to her, loving her weight press against him. 

Finally Ranga turned on his side slipping his mom also to her side and holding her close to his chest drifted off to sleep contented with this new found love with his mom. Maha on her part was satiated blissfully after so long that she knew this is only the beginning of their new relationship as lovers.

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