A Journey Out Of The Orthodoxy

It was nearly 3 Clock and I was wondering if I had given Sanjay the right directions. I knew in my mind that it will not be proper to call him given he will be driving through the twists and turns of the Khandala ghat. I had just drove myself in the heavy rain in the morning, and cannot believe the road would have got any easier especially with the continued July rains. I was wrestling with my predicament deciding to call Sanjay or not when Asha hugged me from behind gave me a kiss on my shoulder and softly in her lovely voice said ” don’t worry honey they will be here”. I turn around and all my anxiety and my worry just melted listening to the sweet reassuring voice of the love of my life, the most beautiful women in the world standing right in front of me.
Now to introduce myself, I am Sameer, all of 40 years of age working as Project Manager in one of best known software firms of India. I am an average looking Indian man standing at 5’10”. One look at me and you will know that I used to be a decently built guy with a toned body. But the job pressures and the years have taken their toll on my body and I can count myself amongst the chubby crowd around. Asha is the centre of my universe and my wife of 15 years. Before that she was my girlfriend since degree college and the only woman I have been with in my life. She is 36 stands at 5’6″. Unlike me however she has taken good care of herself with Yoga and exercise. She can easily pass of as a 30 year old. Her stats are 34-28-36. She has small but perky breasts with small nipples.

Just I was getting excited and intoxicated by the beauty in front of me the silence was disturbed by my phone:
“Hey Sameer, Sanjay here. I have just taken a right off highway and heading toward S.V. Road. I can see the Velvet Hills Retreat.” – he said.
” Just follow the road and don’t stop till you come at dead end. It’s the last bunglow on the road. I will just come out and stand near the gate” – I said.
The happy sparkle in my eyes was not hidden from the woman who is used to read all things in my eyes even before I ever say a word. The woman knew my soul. She just smiled and gave me a kiss as I ran towards the gate. The building itself is covered on all sides by different plants and beautiful garden from all sides. If you didn’t not know the place you would think it’s a building far away from hustle bustle in the middle of nowhere with no population around. The efforts put in by Asha to maintain the place is quite evident.
I stood at the gate as I could see a car coming towards me from a distance. I waved at the car and stood there with a bit of excitement to welcome my guest. As they neared Sanjay from the driver’s seat waved at me and smiled as I opened the gate gesturing them to bring the car in. I pointed him to the parking area while I closed the gate behind me. Sanjay got out of the car and was stretching the fatigue away from the long drive from Mumbai. Not that the distance is much but the traffic always kills. And with the rains it gets worse.

Anyways I walked to him and shook his hand. ” Nice to finally meet you in person. Welcome to our humble abode” – I said.
I hope the excitement was not too evident when I turned and smiled at Rajani who was just getting out from the other side. Its not that we didn’t know each other nor did we have any misconception about why we were all here for the weekend. We had met on a swingers site online but our interactions had been mostly online on chats or phone calls sometimes, and had seen both Rajani and Sanjay only a couple of times on video chat. Infact with so many fake profiles and weirdoes around we had been extra cautious and interacted more than a year before finally agreeing to meet in person. In India we have to be doubly sure since it’s not too common or acceptable as in the west. Luckily being first time for both couples we had been on the same understanding since beginning.
I turned back to Sanjay and said “Hope you could find the place easy.”
“Well not too much but it’s a bit away from the highway and not too many people around to ask for directions. Though I must say I am glad it’s so secluded and away from the world”- Sanjay said with a smile and a wink.
“Let’s get inside and catch up. Let me help you with the luggage.” I said while carrying a suit case and walking towards the house.
Sanjay carried one himself and walked in with Rajani behind me. As we entered the living room Asha was standing there with a welcoming smile. I just introduced Sanjay and Asha and Sanjay then introduced Rajani. I just shook her hand and looked at her from head-to-toe. She was exactly like I remember her from the video chats. She was 34 years old, a little short 5’3″ but had a set of big breasts on the small figure. It maybe the effect of the Saree she was wearing or whatever but she looked amazing with the milky white skin and those light coloured eyes. I have always been a sucker for light eyes and maybe the reason I had approached them online was her description of light eyes and white skin, I must admit. Sanjay was 36, 5’7″ and well-built guy white skin and a regular at the gym. As per his bio he was well endowed for a short man which was the reason Asha had agreed over my choice of the couple. As opposed to us they had an arranged marriage and stuck in a bit of orthodox family from what I understand. And this was their way of rebelling against the order so to speak.
My trance was interjected by the voice of Sanjay “Well can’t go a marriage wearing jeans can she”. It was obvious that he understood I was staring at Rajni and explained to us that they had made an excuse of attending some marriage of their colleague to get away on the weekend.
Ever the conversationalist and the great host she was, Asha offered us all some water and some hot tea. We just sat around having polite conversation. The tension and a bit of awkwardness in all of us in our interactions was pretty evident. It was the first time for us all and none of us knew of the correct convention or if infact there was any. Fifteen minutes of awkward conversations about our jobs and traffic and the rains I decided to take the initiative.
“Sanjay, I know Rajani and Asha are both not going to like when I say this to you, let us have a quick smoke.” – I Said getting up.
Apparently he was an occasional smoker and I was an ex-smoker who had given up smoking but used to have one, once in blue moon. Surprisingly Asha understood exactly why I said what I said and just smiled at me as both of us proceeded outside. Once we were in the garden I pulled out a pack and offered him one. Both of us took the first puff and Sanjay gave a relaxed expression after the first puff.
“Well Sanjay, I hope Rajani doesn’t mind me inviting you to a smoke but I just wanted to have a word with you, you know, just us guys” – Taking a puff I said.
“Well even I was wondering how to get away from the tension in the room”- laughed Sanjay as he let one more puff out.
“I can understand Rajani is a bit nervous , but like I said on the phone buddy, even if she is not up for it we will just make it a nice couple’s weekend kind of thing. No pressure.” – I said.
“Well to tell you frankly Rajani was as excited as me when we were leaving Mumbai to be here. It’s her way of breaking from tradition so to say. It’s just that talking about it and being here with you guys is totally different.” – Sanjay Said.
“Well tell you what buddy, let me show you to your room and leave you alone for a while. If Rajani has any second thoughts just send me an SMS before coming down and we will be just 4 platonic friends I assure you.” – I said.
He just nodded his head as we both threw our cigarette away as we walked towards the house. I noticed the ladies were not in the living room and we picked up their bags and I called out to Asha. I could hear some nice laughs as they entered from the back door and walked towards us. I could see visible difference on Rajani’s face. She looked more relaxed and was looking into my eyes and was a lot less shy than just 5 minutes before.
” You have your cancer sticks and we have my rose garden mister.” Asha said with the most beautiful smile and mischievous glint in her eyes.
“Let them get settled and rest for a while. They must be tired. I will show them to their room.” – I said while proceeding upstairs with Sanjay and Rajani. I showed them their room and gave them a small tour of the room with the bathroom and the AC. I also showed them the candle and the match box since the area is prone to power cuts. The generator comes on in a minute, but just in case.
I came down and walked in the kitchen where Asha was making arrangements for the pool side party that we had decided to have. I hugged her from behind and kissed her long slender neck. She smiled at me while continuing to do her stuff.
“We might have to go to plan B” – I said with a little grumpy voice trying to put my hand under the T-shirt she was wearing.
“Control yourself mister, we got guests in our house” – she said getting away from my embrace and walking to the cupboard.
” Woman’s intuition says we will not have to go the way of plan B” – she said again with that glint and the mischief in her eyes as she walked out of the room towards the pool. I followed her and saw a perfectly arranged bar with beers in the ice cooler. Some wine bottles and some vodka and wiskey bottles on a table with assortment of mixers in another cooler. I tried to check the covered dishes for some bites and she hit me gently to say that the spread is for the guests as she walked away.
I was still a bit disappointed with the thought that the weekend most likely will be a platonic gathering rather than some adult fun I was looking forward to. Just as the rain started to hit glass roof over the pool and the light beginning to fade with dark clouds, I sank on the pool chair all alone, sulking like a kid and reading some stupid work mails on my blackberry. I didn’t know when I went to sleep right there on the chair.
“Wake up sleepy head. Are you here for a good time or are you here to sleep” said the voice as I opened my eyes slowly to see three blur figures standing around me. I was trying to adjust to the light rubbing my eyes.
“See I told you, you won’t be disappointed”- said Asha again followed by the giggles.
By the time I adjusted to the light and see them clearly giggle away I realized I was sporting a nice boner in my track pants. I realized I wasn’t wearing any underpants and guess must have been dreaming about Rajani, her big boobs, her milky while skin and her eyes. I was startled at first and did my best to hide my modesty the best I can. I however realized that Rajani was also giggling away and there was no awkwardness on her face.
“Come, I will get you some swimming wear” – Asha said while taking Rajani away and left us guys alone.
I quickly apologized to Sanjay as soon as the ladies were away but he just laughed it off. I offered him the choice of booze available and he quickly went for a beer. We both opened one and started sipping it looking at the sky through the roof.
” I must say Sameer, some place you have got here. I mean how many people have a bunglow in Khandala with an indoor swimming pool with glass roof and all” Sanjay said sipping his beer.
“Just got lucky I guess. When I bought this place no one wanted to come here and I got it at dirt cheap rates. The up- keep however is all thanks to Asha I must admit. She come here on weekends and days when I am away and maintains it. She is the one who designed the house and keeps on adding different things”- I said with a bit of pride.
“Tell me is Rajani ok now?” I asked.
“Well I don’t know what Asha told her when we were having our man talk, but she sure is relaxed and looking forward to some excitement now.” – he said finishing his beer off.
” Shouldn’t we also get in some swim wear. I mean more than me I am sure you need some.” – he said laughing, obviously pointing to the open secret that I was not wearing any underwear.
I just went in the changing room and brought two speedos and handed one to him. He went to change in one room while I changed in the other. I walked out with a towel wrapped around my waist and saw the girls already sitting on the pool chairs. The sight of my beautiful wife and Rajani in bikinis lying on the seats was intoxicating. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Rajani’s big boobs were barely being held by a thin piece of garment and they were screaming to get out. Her skin was ever whiter and milkier. I went closer to them and could not believe that our weekend was happening. I thought I am dreaming and rubbed my eyes just to check.
Asha came forward and gave me a deep kiss in front of Rajani. I couldn’t help but enjoy the kiss more than usual given we had an audience. Just then Sanjay walked towards us smiling. I noticed he was not wearing any towel around his waist and had a huge bulge in the tight swim wear briefs he was wearing. I saw Asha catch a glimpse of the bulge. I am sure the 8″ which he gave as his measurement was understated. He had very smooth body with very little body hair. He looked over to Asha and said “See something you like?” with a smile. Rajani gave him a playful slap on the arm and said “Easy tiger”. “Then she turned towards me and said “So Sameer you plan to keep that towel on all night?”. This was the first time she spoken to me directly and we all had a hearty laugh.
I pulled of my towel and showed my swimming briefs too. And though I must admit my bulge was not as big as Sanjay’s, I was decently endowed. I opened up a bottle of Champagne I had picked up on my last overseas visit and poured everyone a glass.
“To a long lasting friendship and a relationship of our own in this amazing world of ours” said Asha raising the glass. We finished the glass and Sanjay invited Asha for a swim which she was more than happy to accept. They went off swimming and left me and Rajani on our own.
I took the empty glass from her and asked her if she would like some other drink. “I will just have some juice” she said. I fixed her one glass and picked up a pint of beer for myself and we sat on the chairs next to each other. There was again an awkward silence since this was the first time me and Rajani were alone. I had enough of this awkwardness and decided to take matters into my own hand. I saw Sanjay and Asha were in the pool laughing, giggling, splashing water on each other though maintaining a distance from each other. I got up took a sip from my beer and then sat on Rajani’s chair next to her. She sat up looking toward me and without saying anything I gave her a deep kiss on her lips. There was silence around as I could hear the splashing of water had stopped. Its only later that I realized that both Asha and Sanjay were looking at us.
At first Rajani did not kiss me back but within a second she parted her lips and accepted my tongue. I placed my right hand behind her head and pushed her more towards me so that I can kiss her deeply. And within a flash I was enjoying the deepest of kiss with a lady other than my wife for the first time in my life. She also was enjoying it by now and was caressing my tongue with hers. The kiss must have lasted for a minute or so and the world around us had stopped. There was no noise around and we both were in some other dimension. I broke off the kiss and looked at Rajani opening her eyes with the biggest of smile on her lips and a sense of satisfaction in her eyes. I could see she was tearing up in those beautiful light eyes. The beautiful moment was broken with a sound of a whistle. As we turned around we saw Sanjay and Rajani sitting on the bank of the pool and looking at us. We both looked at our respective spouses and all of us had a look of approval. Like I said earlier, it was one thing to have a fantasy and chat online and whole different thing kissing another person’s wife in front of your wife or husband. We smiled at each other and then Sanjay also kissed Asha sitting on the banks of the pool. I must admit seeing another man kiss your wife for the first time was a surreal experience.
They came where we were sitting and we all stood together. I hugged Asha and kissed her on her lips again and slowly whispered in her ear that she is the best thing that has happened to me in my life. After breaking from the embrace she silently took Sanjay’s hand and started walking away from us towards the stairs to their bedroom. As soon as she reached the base she looked at me kissed Sanjay again and this time while kissing undid he bikini top and let it drop to the ground. My wife naked in front of me with another man walking away to bedroom, just thinking it gave me a rush of blood and a twinge of excitement. As they disappeared up the stairs I turned my gaze to Rajani who had the same sense of satisfaction on her face seeing them walk away.
She smiled at me and put her arms around my neck and since she was a bit short stood on her toes and kissed me. I bent down a bit meeting her luscious lips with mine and hugged her tight. She was literally hanging on to me as we shared a deep sensuous kiss. I could taste her with my tongue and she was driving me wild. I started rubbing her back and reached her soft bums. I crushed them with my hand pushing her up and kissing her deep. She loved it so much that she dug her nails in my back.
As we broke the kiss I bent down and picked her up from the knees. She was already holding on to my neck and I was seeing into her deep eyes. She smiled at me and I kissed her again. Would you like to go our bedroom I asked her and she simply nodded her disapproval. She pulled herself closer to my ears and whispered in the soft voice that she doesn’t want to go anywhere inside and she wants to be free. I knew exactly what she wanted to say and put her on the pool chair. I was nice and soft padded so she was very comfortable. I placed her down and she let go of my neck and placed her hands on her face like a shy young bride. I Kissed her hands and slowly moved down. I kissed the top of her cleavage and she shivered with excitement. I continued on down and now placed my right hand on her left breast.
The softness of her breast and the size was amazing and I started to massage them and I could hear a soft moan from Rajani as I started to do it softly. I slipped my hand beneath the small piece of cloth and tried to find her nipple. She moved her hands away from her face and held my hand as my figure tips could feel the areolas getting tighter and the tip trying to puff out, but the cloth was hampering my progress. With my left hand I release the bikini knot behind her neck and the release made her boobs bounce out with an amazing giggle. I took off the straps and could now see a pair of the most whitest, softest boobs I have ever seen in my life. The areolas were big and pinkish in colour.
Boobs have always fascinated me and I always wanted to have a big and soft boobed woman. Don’t get me wrong, Asha had a decent set and she gave me great pleasure but Rajani was nothing like I have ever seen on any Indian model on the porn sites I used to see. I could not hold it any longer and I held her left boob in my right hand and bent down to take her right boob in my mouth. It was big an smooth and I had trouble holding with my mouth only. So I used my left hand ut still was too big and soft for me to handle. So I used both by hand cupped it between my hands and started sucking on the tip. I was nice and puffed out and I could hold the tip in my teeth.
I was sucking them, biting the tip and licking circles around the areola. Rajani was moaning softly and holding the back of the chair with both hands with her eyes closed thoroughly enjoying the moment. I couldn’t get enough of the soft mounds and was alternating between her left and her right boob. I was getting so excited that I bit her more than she could take and instinctively she gave out a big moan and thrust her chest forward. The voice was a bit loud and it suddenly broke her trance and she got up. I was also disturbed a bit and sat up straight. I asked what was wrong and she said she was worried about noise she was making with her moans and the last scream. Apparently staying with a big family of in-laws and kids in a two-bed room apartment in Mumbai she had to make herself aware of the noise. 

I just smiled kissed her again and told her ” Daring this is our world in middle of nowhere. There is no one to disturb us or hear us other than the two people who we saw going up stairs and who pretty much sure in the same state as we are… She was assured and kissed me again with a naughty smile. I again started concentrating on the soft treat that were her breast and pretty soon we both were back in our trance. This time I slowly started to rub my hands on her thighs while sucking on her boob. She raised her and I started to feel her silky skin of the inner thigh. The more I touched the more excited she was getting. As soon as I reached the mound I could feel it was all wet with her juices. I tried to put my fingure inside the bikini bottom but it was a bit tight.
So I got up sat between her legs which she had folded at the knees and spread her leg apart. I could see her bikini had become a bit see through due to the wetness and could see hint of her curly pubic hairs. I u knotted the two knots of the bikini bottom on either of her sides and took off the piece from over her mound. Instinctively she put her hand to hide it from me. I bent down between her thighs and kissed her hand gently and with my hand took her hands away. I mouth was now near her opening and I could smell he wonderful juices. She had a bush of curly brown hair. She was not like the normal Indian ladies with black hair and hairy bus. She had brown hairs and pearly white skin. The drops of her juices were glistening in the bush and I stuck my tongue out and licked it.
The warn and wet touch of my tongue send her over the edge and she held my hair with her hands and closed her thighs around my head pushing it Inside and burying my nose in the wet bush. I took in all the smells and wriggled my head to tease her more. She gave off a huge moan and released her grip of her thighs around my head. I started licking her juicy and wet pussy with my tongue with upwards strokes and she was moaning louder and louder. I spread her legs with my hand to open her pussy up and went deeper and deeper with longer and longer strokes she was getting really excited which I can sense from the arched hip and her pulling my hairs. But I wanted more of her and went deeper and deeper as much as my tongue can go.
Suddenly she clasped thighs around my head and pushed my head deeper and pulled my hairs with more vigour then she had till now and I knew she was reaching her climax. I licked and sucked the juices as they started to flow more and more and continued for a while. I am pretty sure she must have come twice within the short span. Suddenly she let go of her legs and fell on her back in the chair and exhaled with a smile. After enjoying it for a minute she opened her eyes looked at me with a content smile. Didn’t say anything just smiled.
I was next to her on the chair now and turned sideways and she could see my dick poking her in her side. She grabbed hold of it and started stroking it with her hand. She shifted a bit for me to be now on my back and she got up off the pool chair. She then sat near my legs and started stroking my manhood. After a couple of strokes she bent down and kissed the top of my penis and started licking it and taking it in her mouth. She was a natural at this and I am sure she must have given Sanjay a lot of BJs as opposed to Asha for whom oral sex was the last option. She very rarely gave me a BJ or even let me go down on her. But Rajani was a natural she was deep throating me and sucking my shaft from top to bottom. She was playing with my balls and giving me pleasure I had rarely known. She made me so hot that I could not control myself any longer. I gestured her to get up lie down on the chair. I came on top and in between her legs I took her legs and kept them on my shoulder giving me the perfect access to her pussy as I could not wait anymore.
I placed it on top of the opening and slowly pushed it in. Each thrust was met with a gentle moan from Rajani. She was holding on to my arms and the more I went in the more she dug her nails in my flesh. The paid was making me more excited and I started to my hip and started with slow strokes at first and began to increase my speed. I began to increase my speed and found her pussy to be tighet than Asha’s. Rajani was moaning very slightly at first and as I increased my speed she began to moan louder and louder. I was in pumping with the might I could and she was getting more and more horny. Suddenly she sarted shivering and I knew she was having another climax. I increase my speed and she started to yell “fuck me Sameer, harder, harder,harder”
I was pumping very heavily and realized I was close to climax myself. I yelled to her I am cumming babe, I am cumming checking also if she wanted me to withdraw, but she kept on moaning and I was too excited to care…. I started to go faster and faster and her body also started shivering once again… I cummed inside her with greats squirts and she also climaxed once again with me. After about a minute of ecstasy for both of us I just fell on top of her like a dead wood tired and sweaty.
She kissed my forehead, looked into my eyes and gave me a sweet smile of content and satisfaction…. We just laid there on the chair smiling and watching the stars which were in the sky ……………………………………….

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