A Friend Explored Her

My wife Malavika was a typical Indian wife who remained a virgin until after marriage. But I did learn later from someone that she may have had close physical contact with a couple of guys who were friends at college. As it became a habit for us to fantasise during erotic moments I had no problems in asking her directly if these rumors were true. During sex we regularly discussed my wife having sex with a stranger in all its detail and this usually leads both of us to our climax. 

So when I put this question to her she told me that the sexual encounters were true but the various details were different. I begged her to describe the story and promised that I will not mind it. In fact she realized that I was very stimulated already. These 2 events happened when Malavika was 19 years old. The first one was during a college festival day when she was backstage helping some friends to rehearse for their drama on stage. During that time she got an urge to urinate but had a 3 minute walk to the loo which was in the adjacent building. Being late in the evening she asked a guy called Raju if he could just spare a few minutes and accompany her to the next building and back. 

He promptly agreed but she was disappointed to find the toilets in use. Being in a desperate situation she asked the guy for a suggestion. Raju told her bluntly that if she cannot hold on any longer the only option will be to piss at the rear side of the building at the corner. Malavika was shocked to do things which were sometimes done by males. Having no choice she asked Raju to take her to that secluded area but requested him to keep a watchout when she is doing the act. As Malavika was wearing a Salwar suit all she had to do was to undo her bottoms and pull it down along with her panty and then squat on the ground to urinate. Raju stood at a distance and kept guard(apparently). Malavika had to urgently pull her salwar bottoms and her panty down before sitting and letting go. 

he still remembers how pleasant it felt to empty her bladder even though the place was not appropriate. Soon after finishing the job she turned to look for Raju and was shocked to see him less than couple of meters away. Then before she said anything he mumbled something like ” Malavika I am really horny after seeing your panty & buttocks. I could also smell your urine from where I was standing and now the wet ground is making me mad”. Malavika recalled that although she was stunned by these comments she involuntarily started to feel horny and her breasts had become heavy with her nipples becoming erect also. She thinks she also became very moist between her thighs. Not knowing what to do Malavika leaned against the wall and asked him if he really meant what he said. 

Raju in a an impulse unzipped his pants and pulled his erect cock out and told her this is how he felt and went very close to her. Having no immediate response from her Raju held her hand and pushed his cock into it. Although quite shocked and shaky Malavika started to cooperate and had started to rub his hard and huge cock. She was just thinking about kneeling down to get a closer look when he lost his tempo and ejaculated vigorously, some of it on Malavika’s hand. She put her hand to her nose to sniff it before licking a bit of it. Raju slumped to the ground feeling tired. Now being very aroused Malavika had no option but to sit beside him and to touch herself. Raju helped by getting his hands under her salwar to feel her breasts. She helped him remove the bra and felt him massage both her breasts rhythmically. He gave attention to her erect nipples and before long was sucking on her nipples. By then by Malavika’s recollection, they both were making a lot of moans and hisses. 

Before long he recovered his composure and asked he if he could have a look at her panty and buttocks again. Malavika kneeled on the ground on all fours and asked Raju to help himself. He pulled her kameez down first and went on to look at her panty and butt. He put his face against her bum and started to feel and sniff at her backside. He was already telling her how strong and nice she was smelling there. Very soon she felt his fingers gently drag her panty down. Malavika was so wet that her panty was very stuck to her bushy bottom before being peeled of. She recalls Raju lamenting about not getting a good look at her bum cleft and her bushy genitals because of the darkness of the night. But he got a good smell and taste of it to compensate that. He had made her to hold her bum cheeks apart while he dipped his nose and tongue on her anus first. After licking and sucking her back hole for sometime he made her stay on all fours and asked her to spread her thighs well. 

He first run his fingers into her bushy cunt and gave her labia and clit a good rubbing before putting his nose and tongue there. Again Malavika had to use one hand to separate her bush so that he could lick the flesh of her cunt. She was already oozing a lot of fluid from her vagina and Raju was licking it with a lot of wet noises. She told me that she climaxed in less that 2 minutes because of so much stimulation, but Raju and continued to lick her labia and suck her clitoris and ended up giving her a continuous orgasm. Then without a warning he placed his cock tip between her buttocks and tried to insert it into her. Malavika refused to let him do that. He did not force her, surprisingly. 

She again had another small encounter with Raju and only let him touch her but refused to let him fuck her. The poor guy was so desperate he had asked her if he could at least fuck her bum hole which again Malavika refused. 

This incident is regularly on the menu during our fantasy sessions in the bed and Malavika confesses that she could have let the poor guy fuck her once. In fact she yearns for it now. More to come about our exciting times so far…

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