8 Hottest Mia Khalifa Instagram Pictures You'll Ever See XXX New 2016

While she’s mainly known for her videos, don’t sleep on these hot Mia Khalifa pictures!  The Lebanese native, who’s turned down Drake in the past, is currently ranked the #1 Adult star in the world!  We took on the hard task of going through Mia Khalifa’s Instagram and compiling her hottest photos there. 
1. Mia Khalifa Pigtails

2. All Black Everything

Look at that beautiful smile from Mia Khalifa.

3. Her Calvins

How did Calvin Klein not pick up this hot picture for an ad? – 
4. Cups

We’ve never tried so hard to read what a cup says. 5. Naughty or Nice
5. Naughty or Nice

The world’s best possible Christmas present. 6. Mia Khalifa #FoodPorn 
6. Mia Khalifa #FoodPorn

Pizza never looked so good… Then Mia showed it can be in this hot photo. 7. Pretty in Pink

This color looks good on Mia Khalifa, but what doesn’t?
8. Mia Khalifa playing pool

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